Any pushchair recommendations please?

Well...i have just started to look around at pushchairs and am so confused!! Am 14+2 so have lots of time but thought I'd ask whether anybody loves the pushchair they have...keep reading conflicting reviews which isn't helping.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • It really depends what you want in a buggy! I needed one which fitted into my tiny boot and was a rear facing pram, as well as a forward facing pushchair - so I went for the silver cross 3D - which I love, but it is a bit heavy (to get in and out of the boot!) so now Abby is bigger (5 months) I recently bought the O'baby atlas which is a lovely lightweight pushchair (for when we go out in the car) you technically can put a newborn in it (we put my friends baby in it at 2 weeks old) but they wont like it much, really it is designed for an older baby (i'd say 3-4 months plus).
  • I have a Bugaboo Chameleon, and a Phil and Ted's double, and I love them both!! If I did it again I would probably have bought the Phil and Teds in the first place (we planned a bigger gap than we ended up with lol) but only to save money! The Bugaboo is brilliant and imo worth every penny. I'd agree with Nikki though, think carefully about what you want and need from your pushchair as what suits one person won't automatically suit everyone.
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