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We have the Jane Matrix pram and its fab, lovely to steer, really comfy etc, but its not ideal for shopping trips etc. It is really large and only the chasis fits in boot, so its a tight squeeze and hassle to build up and put back down. So we thought about getting a nice wee stroller to keep in car for when we go shopping etc and leave pram set up at home for walks and for things when we dont take car.
Can anyone suggest one that is suitable for newborn (she is 5 weeks old)? Also, is there such a thing as a stroller where baby faces you? Im not sure about not seeing her in buggy yet :{
We have the Maxi-Cosi carseat which i know fits onto the Quinny Buzz, but ??300 is quite expensive considering we already have a really good travel system, so dont need it as a buggy.

All ideas welcome!! image

Sharon x


  • The Maxi cosi also attaches to Quinny Zapp, which folds down to nothing, the only thing is if its in pushchair mode you can't lay it flat. The Petite Star Zia in similar although you can't attach the carseat it does lay flat, I've got this one for my mum's and my son loves it!!
  • have you had a look on ebay for a 2nd hand quinny buzz or zapp? I too looked for a stroller that faced me & ended up getting a bugaboo even though i had a mamas & papas xcel travel system at ??800 it was just too impractical!! xx
  • Thanks for your replies girls!

    I quite fancy the quinny zapp now, i didnt know the maxi-cosi sat on that, thought it was only the buzz, so thats good as theyre a bit cheaper image

    Oh Katie you are just crap at advice, some friend you are lmao!!! image image Mwahh xxx

    Sharon x

  • I have the Jane Matrix too, but use the quinny zapp with my Maxi cosi car seat for just nipping to the shops. you just need to take the push chair fabric off the frame and the car seat attaches very easily. the zapp also folds down really small, i can even fit quite a lot of shopping in my boot and i have a 3 door yaris!!!

    Using the car seat also means i can still see my baby x
  • I would recommend the maclarens. We used our travel system until she was 3 months and now we use the maclaren quest. It does face away but we only use it when we are nipping out to the shops and she loves looking at everything. It also means she doesnt immediately fall asleep. In the silver cross pram we have she can still face us when we are going out for walks.

    If you are buying the quinny just so you can put the car seat on bear in mind you cant do that for too long. We did it until she was 3 months then she just started to look really uncomfortable - thats why we bought a buggy.
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