Activity mat - did i imagine it?

I live 100 miles from the nearest mothercare but when i popped in for something else i noticed a mat that was like split in to 9 sections with different activity bits for a baby to crawl over and through and a pat mat on one section etc. I think it was a blossom farm one but i didnt have time to stop and ask a price and couldnt see one so thought i'd look when i got home but cant find it anywhere on the internet!!

Has anyone heard or seen something like this?



  • no, ive seen it before too - its like an obstacle course isnt it? Ive had a quick look online but couldnt find it either so perhaps its out of stock now image x
  • Did it have a tunnel, and lots of inflatables? One is an inflatable that you put water in, so may be the pat mat? If it is, I have one, but its not on their webste x
  • yeah thats it! I cant find it anywhere. Do you know roughly how much it was hannahs mummy? xx
  • It was ??25, but I joined the birthday club to get 20% off, so I paid ??20.

    Hannah loved it, but it took up most of my living room!
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