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  • It certainly helped with my baby, he's 24 weeks now and started about a month ago...I only wish I'd started sooner!! He used to be big grump and cry ALOT! Don't get me wrong he was happy boy but prob no one outside of me and OH saw it as he was so tired all the time and I never realised that why he wasn't happy!

    Now people can get over how placid and happy he is!! As h has his regular naps etc

    definatly recommend image
  • Totally agree with peanut baby.

    My lo naturally followed the routine, i just tweaked slightly,

    Highly Recommended!
  • thanks peanut baby and babycrazy1 i think i'm going to start from tomorrow morning. how did you find going out and slotting it in with the routine as i'm concerned about how this will work.
  • Having twins I felt I needed some sort of routine. I like the BW as it wasnt so time restraining. I followed the EASY routine and boys loved it.

    With regards to going out, I have always gone out, every day. I just time it (or used to when they were younger and more maleable!) for when they need a sleep! You will find that baby changes their routine almost weekly so dont be too concerned if they arent sleepy at the exact time theyre supposed to be. The idea of the EASY routine is that it helps you to recognise baby's cues for tiredness/hunger and you can then respond to them, rather than taking a wild stab at what they want.

    The baby whisperer website and forum is very handy for when youre starting out.

    Good Luck xxxx

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (1 in less than 3 weeks! ARGH!)
  • Once you get the routine established going outs fine, I found it only took a couple of days anyway, but I made sure I was at home for all hos nap times so he could be in his cot, I suppose if you wanted to go out while getting into the routine then you could do it during his 'activity time'

    Good luck and let us know how you get on xxxxx
  • Sorry O/T but my god gemmiebaby- I can't beleive your bots are nearly 1!! I remember following your posts after you had them and me still being pregnant!!! God that's flown! Xx
  • thanks so much for getting back to me. i have plans for tommorow which i can't cancel but i think i will cancel everything else for a couple of weeks so that we can establish things, and i guess i will be able to tweak things from then on to suit us.
    i'm really looking forward to being able to read my baby as i find this hard at the moment.
    i'll let you know how things work.
    thanks xxx
  • P.s sorry for my spelling mistakes! I'm not phones annoying and changes words!
  • I love the BW. I tried to follow it straight up but struggled as my son suffered bad reflux and wind so we didnt really establish EASY until he was about 4 mths (which I later read was expected for a baby suffering reflux/colic!!)
    I tried to make sure I was at home for his day naps as IMO I think it's fairer on him to be in his cot to be able to get a good long nap - this is moreso for his morning nap which is 2hrs, Im less strict on his afternoon nap if we have a long enough car trip where he can nap in there or out in the buggy. I always time going out around his naps. If ever I need to make an appt at a set time (e.g. docs) then I do it within a window where I know I can meet it. As for meeting up with friends/groups, Im strong about this (learnt the hard way!!) and they just need to fit in with us. It's easier for adults to alter their times than it is for a baby imo.
    Each day pans out depending on when my son first wakes. I just calculate when to put him down next based on the activity time he should be at and when he hits the minimum (e.g. 3hrs at the mo) I keep an eye on him and know when he's had enough. If he hits the maximum (e.g. 4hrs at the mo) and is still fully charged I put him down anyway. If I go out, and want him to nap at home in his cot, I make sure we are back home at least half hour before the minimum time (ie by 2.5hrs) or I risk him falling asleep in the car and then it can be a nightmare to get him back off in his cot!
  • I like this book too, although I must admit that I never seem to have been able to get my son on the EASY routine. I've ended up adapting bits of Gina Ford (just using the nap and feed times) and it does work, but only since he was weaned at 20 wks.
  • TBH I don;t think any of the 'books' bw or gf totally work for me I steal bits here and there but whatever does work I would say that IMO having set naps/eating is better for baby, I too make sure I am in the house and go out around his naps every one comments on how happy he is he hardly ever cries, honestly not even as much as once a week lol!

    He is only in his routine the past month due to bfing and was very much demand led but now fully weaned I have got him into a routine x
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