Hi Ladies

Has anyone done Pick up Put down with their LO?? I really need to try and get my little man sleeping better! and my SIL suggested this. Not sure on how to do it exactly has anyone done this and how did you do it.

Thanks in advance! xx


  • Ive never done it but from what I understand you pick child up with minimul fuss when they start to cry and as soon as they stop you put them back down and leave the room. Ive never done it as controlled crying worked for my lo but I know a number of ladies on here have done PUPD.
  • PUPD didn't work for us. It just wound Beth up more. In the end my HV said to try leaving her to cry as she may just need to vent before she falls asleep. We found that this actually resulted in waaaay less crying than gentler methods like PUPD, Shhh/Pat (even rocking to sleep!) But I know lots of people have had great success with these things. I guess it just depends on your baby.

    Baby Whisperer website has loads of info on methods to get LO to sleep and also to extend naps. Worth a look.

  • My LO would get more annoyed if I picked him up and then put him down, I found controlled crying worked for us.

    It is hard as no-one wants to hear their LO upset, but given time they and you are getting more sleep and are all better for it.

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