All I want For Xmas...

...Is a Ruby&Millie make up brush set, Contradiction perfume, What happens In Vegas on dvd, George Clooney and for my oh to learn where the washing basket is :\)

So girls, what do you want for xmas? I thought were always thinking what to get everyone else but what about us :\) xxx


  • Well...desperate housewives box set, new pjs, new body and my 20 week scan pic...but have to wait until 29th!! image
  • ooh they sound like good presents especially the 20 week scan pic! Lets hope baby gives you some good poses x
  • Does some sleep count ? pretty please !x!
  • Sleep definately counts, I'll have to add that to my list, in my house though its not Joshua or even oh who keeps me awake its noisey neighbours!

    Id also like to slim down to a size 10 but I dont think xmas is a sensible time to start that :lol: x
  • loads of gatineau face cream (please santa i have been good)
    and mum to stay for xmas (she loves cleaning)xx
  • To have more money. Also I would like Kara to be walking. That would be the best Xmas present as it would save my back for a while instead of bending down helping her to walk.
  • i would like a new mobile phone as Lexie has slobbered all over mine and it doesnt work properly now, new jackie collins book plus time to read it oh and Lexie to walk as my bump gets bigger its harder to pick her up im bigger this time so any of the above would be greatfully recieved image
  • Well here the list starts

    1 - For OH to flush the upstairs toilet EVERY time he uses it
    2 - For oh to stop peeing on the loo seat
    3 - To feel bump move (havent felt jelly bean yet and s/he is 16+5)
    4 - Someone to do all my ironing on a twice weekly basis
    5 - For the rain to stop long enough for me to go shopping
    6 - A whole new wardrobe (or just thousands of pounds to spend on it)
    7 - More clothes for Freya as I haven't got a lot that fits her now
    8 - A new coat (haven't had one for years)
    9 - New shoes (lost some pairs in the house move)
    10 - Matching furnature (its all odds & sods)
    11 - Gregory House (can't remember is real name)
    12 - Professional massage, make over and hair do
    13 - Some one to plan my weeding (only want a very small one)
    14 - Unlimited amount of money to spend on my wedding dress
    15 - For oh to have more then 1 and a half weekend off a month
    16 - Ohh the list is endless!!!

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • A new ipod. Joshua split his juiceo n mine and its bust :cry:

    New clothes...lots of

    My boys to be well on xmas day. (its Joshuas birthday today and they ill)

    new shoes...lots of!

    A full nights sleep!

  • hmmm it's difficult but here goes...
    1) My PC back from the repairer (fighting over old laptop).
    2) Son to keep his job (he's suspended for buying tobacco underage)
    3) Clothes that fit while I struggle to loose jelly belly.
    4) A TV for the extention (so I can watch Judge Judy while cooking)
    5) Credit Card/ Overdraft wiped (please please, just 5 grand will do)
    6) A new well paid job with no stress - perhaps 2-3 days per week??

    Now I've put it down it's not much is it !!!
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