second baby-also in second time mums

how did you cope with number 2? i find my son hard at times as he is sleeping little at the mo and im worried how i will cope with another baby?


  • I have found it extremely hard! It took me 3 months to get into some sort of reasonable routine with both of them and i dont get any time at all with my first dd who is 2 1/2 as i am exc breast feeding which is going well so i cant go anywhere without dd 2!! Saying that its lovely to see the both of them together dd 2 is now 4 months and doing a but more. I thought it would be hard but it def surprised me. My dd1 went through a phase of waking aswell as baby and i was fooked lol!! Anyway thats prob not what you wanted to here and im sure there are other mums which would say diff xx
  • when you say get into a routine, how do you mean? bedtime.waking time?
  • i found it hard the first 6 weeks but i think you always do with a baby wither its the forst or 8th! honestly, i dont think it really makes a big differance to us, she has slotted into our routine so well but then again she is a very placid and content baby, if we had a yappy colicy baby it might be a differant story. x
  • I definitely haven't found it a piece of cake but it's in NO way as much hard work as people told me it would be. I'd say it's half as much work again, rather than double the work. I totally set myself up to expect horrors but I LOVE it. There is so much to do to care for them both and look after the house too I sort of approach it like a job, a job which keeps me very busy but very happy :\)

    Having said that, dd1 (18 months) is a good girl with food and naps and general behaviour 90% of the time, plus she adores her little sister (who is 3 months and although a bit sicky and windy does sleep well at night) - so perhaps I am lucky and would find things harder with babies of a different temperament.
  • see my son is fine in day, normal activites ect. he eats and drinks well althoough we still trying to get him to feed himself with spoon. its sleep-he isnt the worst i have heard off and most nights he sleeps through. but wakes early and is hard to settle.
  • Same! My dd1 wakes as early as 5am sometimes :\( I think I'm just used to functioning on 5-6 hrs' sleep (by the time dd2 wakes for feeds too). I tell myself it won't be forever.
  • and sods law they wake at different times
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