Teeth brushing

3 questions about brushing your lo's teeth. I'll keep it to the point as I have a fair few questions tonight.

How often do you brush them?

When do you brush them in relation to the last drink of milk (if your lo has one) Before? After?

When they're teething is it normal for them to not let you brush?


  • I personally brush lo's first thing in the morning and last thing at night (that would be after any milk if she drank it!).
    My lo has been slightly sensitive about it at times of teething yes, so I have left it until she is through the pain. Just get as close as I can!

  • We brush Lily's teeth after her bath (before milk) and then in the morning if I remember!lol (bad Mummy!) She has got quite good at letting us brush them at first and then she has the toothbrush and will do it herself although alot of the time she just sucks on the brush or chews the other end!haha I would say yes it is normal for them not to let you touch them if they are teething as obviously gums are very sore at this time. HTH xxx

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  • I brush they boys teeth after brekkie when they are dressed and usually on the way to bed but like Lara said this doesnt always happen as Leo is not liking having them brushed full stop atm so i am not forcing him to but James lets you unless he is getting teeth which he is atm.
    vikki xx
  • I thought I was being good brushing her teeth in ther evening.
    I now realsie Im actually naughty as I have been forgetting to clean her teeth in the morning until I read this thread!

    I normally clean them before milk. However, I should probably really do it after her milk.
  • Oooh i'm a bad mummy, we only brush my DS's teeth at bathtime before bed, never in the morning, enough of a struggle sometimes in the safety of the bath! I hold my hands up to non yummy mummy status!
  • Ooh we're bad too. Only after last bottle at bedtime. Not in morning, well only occasionally when I remember.

    Yep he goes through phases of being happy to have them brushed and then refusing. So I assume it's cos of teething.

    Mostly just sucks the toothpaste and chews the brush anyway, even on a good day ! S x
  • if ur LO has fruit for breakfast don't brush their teeth after!! acidic foods such as fruit weakens down enamel for about an hour after eating and by brushing teeth straight after you are wearing the enamel down...obv it's not really important with baby teeth but it's better to get into the routine now so as not to cause problems when adult teeth come through...i was lectured by a dentist when i was pregnant for sipping flat coke when i had bad morning sickness (at the time i wanted to slap her :lol: ) and she went off on a rant about how it was bad to brush your teeth after ANY meal, i can't remember exactly why but it made sense at the time and i now don't ever brush mine or JJ's teeth after breakfast, always before x
  • Glad i'm not the only one that forgets to brush lo teeth in the morning lol, she always brushes her teeth after a bedtime bath, I let her get on with it she imitates what i do, but she only has four teeth !! (at nearly 18months)
  • We brush Connors 1 hour after brekkie and 1 hour after supper.
    Agree with mrsjbourne i read something on a newsletter i got saying you shouldnt brush teeth until 1 hour after eating.
    Although if Connor is super tired after supper (rarely) then i will brush them if it is les that an hour
  • I brush them once a day. Gabe doesn't have milk, so they are done any time of day whenever I remember, usually mid-morning.

    I brush my own mid-morning or early afternoon as I don't get chance beforehand image
  • hey hun we brush samuels teeth twice a day (after his brekkie and then before he goes to bed) i think its ok to brush them before the night milk feed, especially as some lo's still wake up for milk during the night. i wouldnt worry about it too much hun, if you are brushing them properly twice a day thats all that matters xx
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