What are your lo's doing?

I am sitting on the lounge floor watching oh play with the littlies, Barney is sitting on a blanket under a huge pile of teddy's that Millie dragged of her toybox this morning and Millie is walking around dressed up as Upsy Daisy with a oinking, walking pig under her arm. Am I the only one with a family of lunatics?

While I was typing Millie has started putting the pig on the end of the chair so it walk off and nose dives on the floor, she thinks its hilarious, fruit loop!!


  • mine are out with daddy
  • Charlotte is having her nap on her nice clean cot clothes I put fresh on this morning.
    Also with her bum stuck up in the air. She keeps sleeping like this!
  • Evie is in her bouncer talking in her sleep lol, its so cute xxx
  • He is meant to be haing a nap on the sofa next to mommy, but cant decide weather to play with mommies foot to go to sleep. his ownfoot, or to pull the laptop on him. Gonna give him a cuddle and see if that works. Which will then meant he will be trying to type a message of his own. LOL.
  • Matthew and Chloe are upstairs, its quiet so god knows what their upto. Hubby is feeding Tamzin , they look so cute.

    And Im taking a break.

    Kerry xxx
  • Erin is playing with daddy trying to work out which shapes go where!! and clapping a lot as she only just learned this. ccbmommy Erin started sleeping like this to but only in the day time xx
  • double post my fault!! :lol:

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  • Jack is in his bouncy chair watching CBeebies and Kelsie is nearly asleep on settee. Poor baby girl has an ear infection image

  • crying lol no suprise there!
  • Frankie is asleep in her chair.

    Well she was a second ago!!!!!
  • J is playing with musical instruments with my step-mum (they have come to visit while we are at my mums) Isaac is asleep on my sister and Tyler is asleep on my dad. xx
  • Charlie is having a little cat nap as I'm preparing a bag for us to go out for the day image x
  • Cole is at a wildlife park with my parents, and he's staying there tonight as we have to shift 1 ton of sand and 98 flags into our yard tomorrow morning!!

    Sure he's having much more fun than me as I'm cleaning!! 1 weekend of ill mummy & daddy and 1 week of ill boy leaves for a very messy house! Coles room is sparkly clean and clear of snot and puke now though!!!
  • Riley is having a sleep after eating his body weight in food! He popped out with Daddy to get a carpet which was a bargain! ??60 down from ??500! xxx
  • Benjamin has gone to his dads for the day.Im going shopping for new bedside lights soon!whoo lol
  • Hugo just had carrot puree and is sitting on my lap at the moment. I am waiting for his poop. Then we are all going out, yay!
  • Zackys now lying on the sofa kicking me. Guess its lunchtime. LOL.
  • Ollie is asleep in his bed after helping me put Missy's clothes into drawers. The other baby has gone to the pub, so I'm browsing whilst eating a mince pie i made this morning.... seem to have a craving for them. image
  • Connors peepin in his cot and has been for an hour - hopefully hes got another one in him!
  • George is asleep, has been for an hour now, went out with nani this morning so he never had his lunch time nap, tut tut!
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