Sorry Everyone


Just wanted to apologise for creating that silly post about more trolls, i just got so angry cos of things that were said and i know i shouldnt have reacted but i couldnt help it.

I know it was only adding fuel to the fire and really wish i had just ignored her.

Hope this wont effect me coming on here as i love coming to this site and getting brilliant advice from all you great mummys.

Sorry to anyone that has been offended.




  • ahem katie what do u think u are doing boycotting this site for yayw ... :lol: just kidding hun queen dont be sorry its ok ,very hard to ignore sometimes but BE STRONG :lol: xxxxxxxxxx
  • I did reply on your other post about ignoring the troll. It really does give them what they want if you reply to them. I used to when the other troll was on. Now I just ignore them and they soon get fed up. I understand how mad it made you feel.
  • You don't need to apologise, It is incredibly hard to ignore them and like everybody has said ignoring them is the best thing to do. They only look for a reaction and as soon as you 'bite' they have got what they wanted and what they set out to do. If you want to p**s them off the best thing to do is ignore it, honestly. My OH ignores me when I'm trying to start an arguement :cry: and that winds me up loads!!

    Be strong!!

  • ahhhh thanks so much girls, i was dreading coming back on here, wondering what replys i would find, but im glad its forgotton

    so............on a lighter note, how was everyones mummys day. Hope you all enjoyed yours, i know i did. image
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