Monsoon baby clothes - generous sizes?

I am getting married in October abroad and my pageboy is in south africa. He is aged 2 but in 3-4 year clothes ATM but his mum says they are snug. However it is so relative to shops....

Anyone know if monsoon (pref boys) are generous sizes?


K x


  • I find that monsoon are tiny! My lo is almost 3 but can still fit in 18-24 mth pants but from Monsoon she is more like a 3-4. I would buy at the last minute.
    HTH xx
  • Thanks donnaandpoppy - eeeeek I cant buy lastminute as it is winter sun so need to buy everything now annoyingly......bigger is always better so might just get larger size and do a frantic sew in the day thanks
  • I find that Monsoon boys are on the small ish side. I find that their trousers tend to be a narrow fit over my lo's hips and legs and I am quite careful with the style of trousers I buy him. Some of their trousers seem like a skinny fit to me, which is all wrong for a baby/toddler!
  • Hi Hun
    is he quite tall too? This is the problem I've found with them as their stuff has been a bit on the short side (but DD is reeeeeeally tall, off the charts bless her) so, annoyingly, even when I bought a bigger size it was still too short!
    Could you maybe ask her for some quick measurements? Across his shoulders, arms & legs should be fine then take the measurements along with you when you're buying it?
    Good luck for your wedding x
  • Wow I am the opposite, I find their stuff huge!!! Olivia is 9 months next week and still wears a 3-6 month dress from there and it is still big on her! I would take him to try their stuff on and see if you find it roomy
  • He is tall but thankfully it is a linen short and waistcoat set. So the shorts can be shorter and I am thinking maybe he can wear the waistcoat open if it is slightly too small.

    She has given me measurements but 3 months is quite a while for a 2 year old to have a growth spurt

    Thanks for the feedback ladies v helpful x
  • My 'limited' experience of monsoon clothes for kids is that they are pretty small. My little girl had some leggings and grew out of they very quickly, and she is quite petite for her age.

    Em x
  • Just to add to confusion - we found their clothes really big! Sam is on 91st centile for height and weight, so usually in 12-18 month clothes (at 10 months) but 6-12 month trousers were too big for him... How strange!
  • Depending on finances can you buy 2 sizes? Then you can eBay the one that didn't fit
  • I have personally found monsoon for girls on the large side especially cardigans.

    I would find out his current measurements like waist and leg and compare it to the monsoon sizing. Can be found here:

    You can then see if he is currently size 1-2, 2-3 or 3-4. Depending on where his measurements fall it should help you buy the right size. At the end of the month im guessing monsoon will be having their summer sale. You could always buy 2 sizes and do what someone else suggests and sell it on ebay either this winter if someone is looking for light weight smart trousers, or summer next year.
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