DS has a linea nigra!

I noticed it a while ago and just put it down to him swimming in my hormones and expected it to go. He is nearly 6 months now though and it's still there and showing no signs of going anywhere.

I did some googling and found a thread on another forum discussing it, there seemed to be quite a few babies who had this but it seems rare on a white baby.

The strange thing is I didn't have one when I was pregnant!

Does anyone elses LO have this?


  • Is that the brown line underneath belly when your pregnant, I got that but not heard of it in babies, how weird.

  • Hi, my DD still has this and she is 6 months now, she does have a little bit (1/8!) of colour in her though, she looks white so it does stand out! I didn't have one either. Very strange!
  • Has it faded at all? The pigmentation is hormone related and I was told it can take at least 6 months to fade (for moms that is!). Monty's coming up to 6 months,as you know, and mine is fading but still very noticeable. I'm not sure if fade time would be the same or longer for a baby though. So I'm probably no help!! Sorry xx
  • oh wow, i thought my DS had a strange birthmark, i didn't realise other babies might have one! I didn't have one whilst pregnant either. DS is 3 months. My OH has a son from previous marriage and he has blue birth mark on his back, which apparently only occur when a black relative from previous generations passes on gene's. I wonder if the two marks are related?x
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