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for our first train ride! image

We live a 15 minute train ride from central Leeds so today Peter (aged 12 days), my mother and I went into town to do a little shopping. Peter was angelic, sleeping the whole way (he is now making up for this by grizzling away :rollimage. I learned how to get the pram on and off the train, how to handle shop doors and that I really must make sure that the brake is securely fastened on the pram when it is on the train - there was one moment of complete panic as the pram started rolling across the carriage! image

Anyway, I'm extremely pleased to have done this with support. I now know I can manage even when my mother goes home and it does extend my range of options for getting out and about.

A very smug THG! image


  • Well done you! It is a mission the first time you go out isnt it as you often forget that you can't go up steps and need to find ramps, lifts, and don't forget disabled loos! It's 2nd nature to me now. Baby carriers are good too but I still like to take pram just in case xxx
  • aaww yey! Good for you hun, thats such an achievement to do with a 12 day old. Well done xx xx
  • Glad you had a lovely day and you found the train easy to use! image

    I went to the local retail park today for lunch and a bit of shopping with my husband and our 10 day old daughter Millie, it felt nice to be out getting some fresh air but a bit overwhelming too. Dont know how I'm going to find it going out on my own! xxx

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  • Blimey chuck thats grand-especially with a 12 day old bubs!! Mines 8 months and I haven't had a go yet!!
    Used to get the train into Leeds all the time at Uni and they get jam packed so well done hun x
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