Maybe im a bit odd but.....

does anyone know if you can get nappies that are plain? Im having some pics done of Frankie next week and would like it if the nappy she was wearing in them was plain. Dont wanna look at the pics and all i see is her green and white pampers with monkeys on!!!! I was considering buying some terrys off ebay just for that once but i have no idea what to do with them!


  • ahh terry's would look rather nice in a photo!!.. thats a lovely idea...
    but its alot of hassle for getting photos done...
    i dont think there are any completely plain ones to be honest...
    i use asda's own and they have very pretty light colours on....

    try ebay for terry's ... they do look lovely on babies... try finding easypeasy nappies... (these are fabric and completely white) and they are like pull ups... (you just stick a liner in)
    good luck.. im sure they will be lovely!

    here!.. try this website..
    ??3 each for white nappy!.. and they are really soft too.... Ive seen them in shops and nearly bought them... but decided a whole load was too much hassle and very expensive....

    hope this helps...
  • the nature ones - nature care I think - are white with pale green leaves (they were when had them when they were on special offer)
  • My friend some picture done the other week and the photographer actually changed the picture afterwards so that the nappy looked to be plain white! I would speak to them first and see if they can do this before spending money on something you may not need! xxxxx
  • Hi hun, the huggies superdry nappies are almost plain white (they just have a v. light motif around the waist band). A muslin is a good idea too, they actually used to be used as a makeshift nappy for a newborn as terries/shaped nappies usually too big x
  • Thanks everyone. I will speak to photographer to see what he can do and if not i will give those easypeasy ones a try.
  • I have tons of muslins. Would you fold them the same as a terry? I wonder if my mum remembers how to do it from when she had me.
  • what about putting frilly pants on over the nappy.
    i used to put these on my daughter all the time as i hated the nappy showing when she has skirts and dresses on x
  • I know how to fold a terry's but the easyest way is to just make a triangle. Lay it on the table so the point is fasing down. Point then goes up between the babies legs and pin the three sides together. Easy!! I personally used the kite (atleast i think it called the kite) fold. Had less leakage and her bum looked so cute in it. But I got lazy and now just use disposible. Naughty me!!

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • I used Boots when Kara was young and thy were plain white. I don't know about the bigger sizes but might be worth having a look.
  • i think the really cheapo 99p for 10 nappies r plain white with white fastaner. xx
  • Don't know if this helps, if you decide to go with a terry square:

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  • Oh sorry, that link's massive and has made the page format go funny, anyone know how I can make it shorter?
  • I have no idea how you make it smaller but thanks that link is brilliant! My mum did she say she vaguely remembers how to do it so hopefully with those instructions too we should manage fine!
  • Glad it helped - got a bee in my bonnet about how to make a word link to a web address now. I KNOW that you can make it so that a single word, eg. "here" links to a web address just by clicking on that word. Going to see if I can work it out.
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