waking up at 12 everynight and crying til get up with him!

For the past 4 nights now max has been waking up at 12ish doesn't want a bottle , doesn't want holding for comfort, just cries and cries til you take him downstairs and put him tv on! i'm at my wits end, how do i get him back to sleeping at night! i cant go pn like this much longer, got 2 other boys to get to school etc!


  • Firsty I would stop taking his downstairs and putting the tv on. I know you are most probably doing this so your other boys can get some sleep but it will send Max the wrong message.
    Have you started weaning him yet? Maybe he's teething. When he wakes try putting some teething gel or powders in his mouth. does he have a dummy at night?
    Charlotte has been very unsettled recently and I have since discovered that her 1st molars are due to make an appearance. Fortunately the past 2 nights she has slept thru. Hopefully this is just a phase that will pass soon. xx
  • If he is waking up at the same time every night then its habitual waking,

    How does he get to sleep - can he get himself off or does he need a prop like rocking? This will only work if he can get himslef off to sleep - if you creep in there about half an hour to an hour before he would normally wake in the night and wake him up - tickle his feet, rustle the covers enough for him to wake up but not completely wake up, he won't want to and will go back to sleep. It should then knock his sleep cycle (they are 45 mins long) off of the 12am habit.

    I have done this a few times and it does work but don't wake them up too much - just enough for him to need to start a new sleep cycle.
  • Hi, he is 5 months old and is teething, yes he has a dummy too! ive tried everything but he just cries and cries! xx
  • hey,

    how about putting on some calm, soothing music in his room instead of the tv?

    I agree ccbmommy that you shouldn't take him down to watch tv as this will only encourage him to keep doing it.
  • Hi i know i shouldnt take him down but the walls are so hin and he will wake neighbours up, ive tried walking round holding him and comforting him til he nods off but he just wont, he's crying all the time! going to take himto dr's to get him checked over i think, its soo not like him plus he is also being very grumpy in day aswell xx
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