When did your LO start clapping?

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As the subject says really! My MIL keeps saying that Toby should be able to clap hands by now but he is not even close. I'm forever saying "clap hands!" and showing him but he shows no interest! He is 8.5 months.

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  • Our LO has just started doing this as we are approaching 9 months.

    I've been showing him how to wave for about 6 weeks now but he has shown no interest in doing this whatsoever.

    I wouldn't worry, they all develop at differently and there's no right time for any of these things xx
  • 10m for us!! she could bash things together but wouldnt clap!! she wont stop doing it now!
  • oh my goodness, i have been saying 'clap clap' everyday for about two months but my little boy is just not interested, yet he loves to be a little red indian by clapping his hand on his mouth so make sounds after me doing it to him whilst yawning. very random. my little boy is 9.5 months.
  • 8 months here, he did it non stop for about a week and now doesnt really do it unless he is banging toys together, i think probably because i dont constantly say clap clap clap! now i say pat pat pat as he likes to pat the table, the dog, my head, the floor....you name it...he pats it!!!!
  • I think Hugo thinks he IS clapping when he bangs his toys together! The only time he'll clap is when I sort of start him off and he'll do a few claps on his own when I take my hands away, but he doesn't really get it. He's not waving yet either. One of his little friends learnt to clap and wave at around 8 months but then went to nursery and has forgotten how to!
  • dd started clapping around 5 months but they all do different things at different times, I wouldn't worry about it xxx
  • My lo can do it if we clap his hands for him (for ages he didn't open his hands but now he loves it) but he won't do it independently. He's been waving since 6 months though, so it really varies. It's not as if we don't clap lots the time when we're with him, he just doesn't seem to want to! He bangs his palms down on things though, that seems to be his way of clapping for now! x
  • My dd is 7 months and gets very excited when we sing 'clap a clap a handies' and tries to clap her hands but isn't quite there yet - although i have taught her how to High Five! :P x
  • My dd is 7 months and gets very excited when we sing 'clap a clap a handies' and tries to clap her hands but isn't quite there yet - although i have taught her how to High Five! :P x
  • Cam is 8 months and bashes two toys together but won't do it with just his hands image He can wave and shakes his head which is v.funny because he doesn't understand it's context at all, I think he thinks it's a way of saying 'I love you' at the moment! Shockedmummy we pat pat pat pat pat everything too, all day long - he patted a table in the pub for about 45 minutes non stop the other day when we were out for dinner!! lol

    Charlotteb i wouldn't worry about the lack of clapping at all, it'll come when he wants to do it and babies learn things in different orders. Cam didn't learn to roll until after he could sit unaided and I think the way he's going he'll learn to walk before he'll crawl!! image xx
  • Ladybird - my son high fives too - it's hilarious! He just holds his hand in the air and waits. I had to explain to my 80 year old grandfather that, "He's waiting for you to high five him, Gramps"
  • i'm in the process of teaching skye to clap, she can had mastered the putting of the hands together but hasn't come to the idea that both hands need to be open (she tends to have one open and one in a fist), and she is 6 months, but she is fab with her hands, she's been able to wave and hi 5 for about 8 weeks now and also puts her hand out for round a garden, but all babies differ she is by far my earliest at doing these xxx
  • I'll make you feel better, my son is 1 next week. Has been waving for months and can walk, crawl, climb and copies our facial expressions and noises but he has never been able or shown any interest in clapping his hands. He pats and slaps tables etc lots though! xx
  • 9.5 months for my son - I remember because we'd been to a christening that day, and when we got home he sat on the floor happily clapping to himself.
  • Hi

    Ty was about 7 months, but shows no interest in waving. Its probably due to the fact my mum constantly does clap hands clap hands with him, so now when we sing it he claps... I've given up with the waving thing, he'll do it when he's ready.
    All babies are different, I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Hey i wouldn't worry my lo doesn't do it at all and she's 13 months she bangs pther stuff together and loves others clapping but isn't interested in doing it herself.
  • Thanks everyone, I feel armed for the next MIL visit now!!
  • Hi Charlotte, Thomas was 9 months last week and really now only does it on his own accord when you sing to him. x
  • i wouild like to clap hands over my mil sometimes - she is always conparing the 2 grandchildren and it drives me round the twist - as you can see from the responses its when Toby is ready! x
  • lizzie is 9 mnonths in 11 days time and doesnt clap. i dont mind tho she makes enough noise without clapping too,lol x
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