Sleep patterns

My baby is 5 weeks old and sleeps for around only 4 or 4.5 hrs a night if we're very lucky. I am just wondering if this seems normal in comparison with everyone elses baby of the same age??

When LO came home form hosp he slept from 11-2 and from 3-7, so we got at least two bursts of sleep through the night, now he's taken to sleeping for just one burst normally from midnight to 4 in morning and then he will not settle again, so we end up awake at 5 in morning, then he sleeps solidly in morning after his bottle!

It frustrates us as we seem to be getting less sleep now then before yet he's older, so we're just asking for personal experiences or assurance we're not alone.

C x


  • It sounds normal to me I'm afraid!

    My lo is now 8 weeks, and for the first 1-2 weeks she slept loads and then gradually this wore off.

    She was waking at about 1am and 4/5am for a week or so, and at the moment I put her to bed around 8pm and she wakes at 3/4am and then again at around 7am.

    This has only been for a few days, but I've blacked out the light going into the bedroom and I think it must have been this that kept her awake when she stirred - whereas now she goes back to sleep herself - might be worth a try if your bedroom is quite light as this could explain why she's awake from 5am when it gets light outside?

    A baby that is 5 weeks old does have a small tummy though and I'd say its the exception not the rule that a baby will sleep through yet. I was quite paranoid about it until the ladies reassured me it wasn't just my lo waking up! lol.

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