C&G Comfort and teats

Hi, Charlie has C&G comfort and we use the vari-flo teats as we were told as milk is thicker these are better. However Charlie drinks it soooo quickly that he fills his mouth up to quick and spits it back out or kind of chokes on it. How do i get him to slow down with his drinking or what other teats can i use as some of the bigger hole teats are for older babies??


  • Could you try medium or fast flow flow teats rather than variflow? To be honest I ignored the ages on the teats and both mine were on fast flow at about 3 months! Lily had comfort milk and med teats didn't let enough out for her.

  • I use the fastflow (size 3 teats) and these work fine. Been using them with the comfort milk since she was 5 weeks. Never tried the variflow teats so dont know if they are bigger or not.
  • millie has this milk and is on tommee tippee bottles and teats she was one number 2 up til 3 months then i tried vary flow but they r much wider and she just gagged and choked all the time so i got number 3's as they r same size just got 2 holes and these r brill and shes fine on them xx
  • Vanilla/ princessjane - Can i ask what flow are they?
  • tommee tippee No 3 is fast flow xx
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