sorry tiger lily i didnt take ur advice!!.........

ive given millie some food! she has been waking in night for some time now when she has previoulsy slept through and it was just getting worse! also she was wanting more bottle after only 2 hours in the day sometimes!! she is only 4 months and i know some of u may think she is too young and i am wrong for doing this but its working really well for us!! shes been having some food for a few days now and she also goes every 4 hours for her bottle in day now!! just takes more at each feed. i have been making my own puree ( i got the anabel karmel baby puree book) she has had carrot for a few days which she loves and i tried her with sweet potato 2day and she loved it even more than carrot lol she also likes fruit. i am going to make her a apple puree up 2morrow to freeze. she opens her mouth really wide and hardly ever spits any out she seems to enjoy it! she uses a beaker and took some water but most went over her head.... she doesnt like water in her bottle i am hoping she will like it more in the beaker as i dont really want to give her juice. xxx

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  • If that is what works for you then do it. You know your baby best. Glad Millie likes her carrot!

  • Hi, I did exactly the same when Reiss was just short of 4 months. He's a big boy and took to eating like he was born to do it! He didn't like water to begin with, but I persevered with it in a Tommee Tippee cheapie cup and now he'll drink it with meals!

    Good luck (I love AK aswell!)xx
  • Haha thats ok! Each to their own! I weaned Gabe at 4 months too and it's gone very well but weaning is such a pain sometimes that next time I am sooo waiting till 6 months lol!! Im glad Millie likes it xx
  • hehe im loving it so far......... got time to regret it though lol xx
  • Barney was exactly the same. I think he was 19 weeks when I started, so quite a bit earlier than they recomend, but he just gobbled it down. Right from the start we have had to stop him when we think he has had enough as he just wants more and more to eat! I think some babies are definately ready earlier than others, there is a big difference just between my two! Glad she is enjoying it.
  • lol mine were weined a lot younger than that
    they were both really big babys and by the time my son was 7 weeks old he was drinking a 9oz bottle ever hour or so because he was throwing it all back up and the docs wouldnt believe me that he was alergic to it so i had to put him on solids just so that he was getting something in him.

    but my daughter was taking a 9oz bottle every 3-4 hours all day and night at 10 weeks old and was still wanting more lol x
  • Hi

    My lo was a big baby and had appetite to match so GP said give baby rice from 14 wks! She's been fine with the start early and go slowly approach - we did not give pureed meat or fish meals until 6 mths as its harder to digest.
  • Hey hun,

    Amber has been the same waking lots, taking more food and also wanting food every 2hrs!!

    I tried her on baby rice today and she wolfed it down, loved it and I got the biggest smiles which I like to think is her saying yay real food!! haha

    Glad she is enjoying it and mum knows best, the purees sound yum! xxx
  • i weaned both mine at 4 mths and they took to it really well too!they both showed all the signs and like your lo started feeding more and waking more in the night when previously they had slept thru!its all fun,i used to love doing all the pureeing!now grace eats lumps its still fun and alot easier too!! xxx
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