Anyone else?

Anyone else getting annoyed at this site?

Replies not appearing..........

'no gap in tree'

so frustrating!


  • and this took a while to appear!
  • Been happening for a while now I even did a post about a gap in the comment tree (wt$!!). No idea why and I bet that's why people haven't been coming on. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BE sort it out please!
    Bet this won't show up now will it?!!!!
  • I keep trying to remember to copy my replies, but sometimes I read abother topic and copy that reply before I realise the other one didn't show up so still have to type it again!

    I've also notice that one of QB's topics looks like it only has 1 reply but if you go in to it there's loads!
  • Its doing it to me it won't let me do anything ggggrrrr
  • Haven't been on for ages as it drives me mad when it is going so slow! x
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