miss being pregnant so much!

does anyone else?? im not going to have another one for another 2 years or so but i miss it soo much

jane+millie 14 weeks xx


  • i know exactly what u mean, i miss my bump, my lo is 13 wks and i have a 3yr old, sometimes i wonder if i will ever stop feeling broody. lol xx
  • I just missed being pregnant and rubbing my belly and having LO shuffle round, Felt like this for about 4 months after LO was born.
  • I never missed being pregnant. I was just glad to get my body back to normal again as I didn't enjoy not feeling well. It is the only thing that I am not looking forward to when I try for another baby in a few years.
  • I do. I also wonder if I will ever stop feeling broody. Theres a 13 month age gap between mine so I will be waiting a while before we try to have number 3
  • yeah iv spent the best part of the last 6 and a half years missing being pregnant, the only time i didnt miss it was while i was pregnant with maya and charlie. its the kicking and moving around that i miss the most x
  • I do really miss it too. The wonderful feeling finding out, Those first flutters of movement. Laying there rubbing my lovely bump, talking to it, Sitting cuddled up to DH and him getting kicked by my 'bump'!! And other pregnant ladies passing you in the street giving you a true genuine smile. Such a lovely time xxx
  • i miss it to from the moment i gave birth till now, my lo 6 months, were not trying until end of next yr though, this sounds bad but i miss being pregnant but these past 6 months have been so hard i wouldent do them again lol
  • Totally agree really miss being pregnant. But I know if we were lucky enough to actullay get pregnant again I'd be wishing I could get my body back sharpish!!
  • Me too, one of my friends has just had a baby and afew are pregnant im sooo broody i want another baby now!!! Although we have decided to wait another 12months before we try again Grace is 8 months now.
  • I miss being pregnant but I'm not broody - if that makes sense?! I definitely think (Gabe's 7 months) its way too early to have another LO. Maybe in 3+ years so I have time to really enjoy being with Gabe and he will understand better. xx
  • I don't miss being pregnant at all!! Think you lot have got rose coloured specs on!! Have you forgotten all about morning sickness, endless trips to the loo, heartburn & not being able to sleep cos you can't get comfy?!! then if you were unluckly, spd and other nasty things like that!!
    Poppy is 15 months and I'll waiting till she's at least 3 before I even think about trying for another!!!
  • I sometimes rub my tummy thinking how lovely it was to have my baby in there. I agree with wotastinkybum - i've love to have another but not possible till we have sex lol. we'd like to have another summer baby so will either try again next autumn or wait till the autumn after that.
  • I miss being pregnant and im 27 weeks!! I love it so much-im clinging onto every moment and im already thinking about how much i'll miss it come March-i never thought id feel like this, it makes no sense as i'll have our baby which is the whole point! xx
  • I mis it too. But I think I have repressed all memory of my heartburn and spd. Archie is 9wks old and I saw my friends 2wk old yest and was actually broody. S x
  • I miss it too.... I had a fab pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything. I felt fab and enjoyed every moment of it xx
  • I miss it aswell. Despite having such awful SPD last time. The bump and litle kicks made it all worthwhile. I even felt a bit sad towards the end coz I knew, what with all the probs I had, I would'nt have ne more for a long time. If ever depending on how oh and I feel in a few years. Mind you it is nice to be able to wear nice clothes, enjoy my sex life, sleep well and most importantly drink alcohol!! lol! Ive bin pregnant for 3 out of the past 4 christmas' so Im going to enjoy myself this yr image
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