Post a pic of...


Went into Evie's room where they were playing together to find Kyra playing the keyboard!!! Oh she sounded fantastic!!


  • Ooh, clever Kyra! (Beautiful too!)

    Bumping to the top for you Honey xx
  • Oh thanks hun. This site is driving me nuts atm. It's so slow and sometimes I cannot see the posts when they have loaded! oh well! xoxox
  • Wow what a clever lo! You'll have a band soon! Agree about the site it's been like it for days not sure what the heck is going on x
  • Ahhh bless. Dont have any pics of my LO being tallented at anything as yet (probably more down to never having a camera handy more than LO not being tallented LOL).

    Definately agree that the sites being playing up since the weekend.
  • Wow, what lovely hair she has! You could learn an instrument and make a family band, lol. xxx
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