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I know reflux is usually pretty obvious with baby vomiting back most of their feeds etc.

Just wondered if James could have a very very mild form. He doesn't bring back his feed. But has had colic, and still gets trapped wind occasionally.

Sometimes when he's had a bottle, and is lying on me, he'll make mouth movements, like he can taste something in his mouth. Occasionally it's accompanied by a wind smile!

Could this be reflux where he's got a taste of stomach acid?

Thanks for any opinions. xx :\)

mithical and James 10 weeks and 1 day.


  • Hello!
    I can't say for definate, but what I can say is Flynn does this too, just like he has a bad taste in his mouth, and as you know he's suffered from really bad reflux.

    You could always check with your HV if you're concerned about it?

    Rosalie and Flynn 9weeks today
  • Babies dont have to be sick to sufer from Reflux. My baby boys do, although its called Silent Reflux and they are very very rarely sick. They have been a bit more just lately but think thats down to eating solids rather than reflux.

    They arch their backs, gag, refuse milk and are generally uncomfortable after a bottle, especially when you lay them down. We have been on Gaviscon for a couple of months now and its has worked fantastically.

    Def could be reflux, even if it is only mild, and it is horrid for the little ones as they end up in so much pain


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 24 + 5
  • Sounds like it to me. I keep Mabel upright for 30mins after a feed because she does this and it seems to help.

    Have a browse around here...

    ... there's some really good info about different presentations and symptoms.

  • something less sinister than reflux is possetting, which is where they bring back very small amounts of milk.

    If there is no back arching, gagging, crying as though in pain, milk refusal or other symptoms I would suggest it is possetting which is harmless. (I know it might be difficult to distinguish the differences between colic pain and reflux pain)

    You can always check with your HV or gp.


    edit to add the other difference between possetting and reflux is possetting happens within 10-20 mins after a feed, reflux can occur anytime after a feed, between feeds etc...

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  • Yes, good post icecreamlover - I KNEW the boys were struggling and suffering as they acted like they were in pain most of the time, near a feed or not. This made drs diagnose reflux, eventually, rather than normal baby posseting (although my boys werent sick which helped with the diagnosis.)
  • My HV and GP said "knees up = colic, legs all straight = reflux."

    It still took us two weeks to work out what the problem was!

    B x
  • Ok so to me it still sounds like silent reflux. Just not with all the symptoms.

    James has only started to do this recently. I take the bottle out of his mouth, sit him up to wind him, then he screams, arches his back and legs are out straight. He doesn't refuse to take the bottle again, and won't necessaily do the same thing again when he's winded next time.

    He wriggles about when he's finished the bottle, screams a little more sometimes (really high pitched and usually short), then brings up a little milk (not every time).

    He already sleeps on a wedge pillow at night, and I always hold him a little upright after all feeds.

    Thanks for the info on possetting, which I am aware of. James did do this, but stopped. It was never associated with any of his other symptoms.

    Does anyone agree with mild silent reflux? Thanks. xx :\)
  • Could be mild silent reflux then. Def sounds like how the boys were. I would speak to your HV or GP as the boys are much better with the gaviscon and i know if it hasnt been put in a bottle.

    Good Luck xxx
  • Thanks Gemma, quick question. How do you give the Gaviscon. James only has 180ml milk in bottle. For his weight, instructions for powders say it has to go in more. xx
  • The boys have only ever had 5oz bottles (sorry, dont work in mls!! lol!) and I put one of the powders in each bottle. Theres is pretty mild and most of their issues were down to the milk allergy (which causes reflux symptoms among other things) but once it started they have struggled with it so have kept up the Gaviscon. I wouldnt worry too much about the weight thing. My paed said the amount in the bottle is more important. The boys should be having 7-8oz bottles now but I struggle to get 5oz into them at a time so the weight thing would suggest they had 2 powder sachets but paed said stick to 1.


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 24 + 5
  • Thanks Gemma, now just have to see if it can go with Colief, as that is already in his bottle! :roll: xx
  • if it cant go with colief you can always give it mixed with water after the feed as though it was for a bf baby - this way you could still give the two sachets as well.... image

    it does sound like reflux, and gaviscon should help.

  • if it cant go with colief you can always give it mixed with water after the feed as though it was for a bf baby - this way you could still give the two sachets as well.... image

    it does sound like reflux, and gaviscon should help.

  • Thanks Icecreamlover, I did think about that. Just strange the instructions are sooo different for bf and ff! xx
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