Quick question...I have the tommee tippee microwave/cold water steriliser and only use the cold water as I find it easier. I use Milton tablets and they say they sterilise in 15 mins but the steriliser says 30 mins? Which is it does anyone know? x


  • hi tiger lily! i would go with the tablets myself - the steriliser is only an actual container, and not doing the actual sterilising is it?!. on holiday i have used milton, but in all fairness left it for 24hrs, then taken out as needed (have steam one here!! they are so easy!!)
  • Yup, 15 mins! I prefer milton tabs too.
  • I'm going to stay with family this weekend and already packed enough to emigrate and don't want to have to pack the steriliser too!
    Can you just use the milton tablets in any pot? Or is it not as easy as that!?!XX
  • Feb Baby - yes you can, but it has to have something to hold the bottles under the water...A plate would do!? x
  • Ah brilliant, thank you tiger lily! xx
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