Bottlefeeding help?!??

Hi girls

Poppy feeds once in the night and during this
feed she is sooo starving coz she's gone 5-6
hours instead of her 3-4hrs in the day that she
screams the house down.

I need to get the bottle cooled down quick..
So currently I add 3oz of boiling water from
a flask then 2oz of cooled boiled water-which I
keep in the fridge until 2100 then it's out on the
side until 0200-0300... Do you think this is okay?

Also,when ur out how do u cool the bottle down quick!?
Can I freeze cooled water then put it in my bag
and so it will defrost during the day?

If not how do u all get your bottles cooled extra
!!! HELP !!!


  • Hi sillysausage, not sure how much help i'll be as i dont do my bottles like you, i pre make mine (batch of 3 or 4) then warm as i need them.
    Just to save her screaming in the night would you consider using a carton of ready made formula just for that night feed & when your out??
    I find them so handy.
    As for the cooled boiled water i make a cup of water first thing then its practically out all day so i think your water be fine (its only water).
    Hope this helps
    J x
  • Boil the kettle and allow the water to cool down a bit, put in bottle and take the powder out in a seperate container. Tommee tippee do some good milk powder dispensers and theyre fab if you have the tt bottles as they fit inside so dont take up extra room ...
    then when hungry just add powder to water! If you boil the kettle enough in advance the water will be the right temp to feed.
    It's fine to feed milk at room temperature x
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