Can teething be blamed for everything?!?

Hi Mummies
my DD is 7.5 months and I feel like I've been blaming teething for everything!!! Even though she's yet to have one!!!
She wakes up an hour earlier than normal in a morning, oh it'll be teeth.
She's gone from having a 1.5 hour morning nap to just half an hour (grrrr), oh it'll be teeth.
She's really grumpy from being tired, oh yeah I'm blaming teeth again!!!


I do believe she is teething (drool, red cheeks, etc etc), but can teething ALWAYS be blamed?


  • Oh god, I do this too but my LO is only 5 months, and I've been hoping the end was in sight!!!

    lol image

    Sorry no help at all!!
  • I'm afraid i'm no help either as i do exactly the same, DS has been teething since about 4 moths old.....well he's had red cheeks, drooling, everything in mouth etc etc. Still no tooth though!!
  • In my world - YES teething can be blamed for everything!!

    I always laugh as when I was growing up my mums answer to everything was 'go and sit on the toilet' erm 'mum I have a sore throat' haha (I think I used to fake a lot of upset tums hehe so it was her standard answer!)
  • We're like this at the mo!!
    Feels like the last month has all come to a major head, with coughs, colds, major dribble rash that is all over chin and chest from just soaking through bib after bib, up in the night for hours at a time.BUT.........just this last wk, WE HAVE A TOOTH!!!!! So maybe just coincidence that all these things have happened at the same time, but maybe it is all related to teething. I'm just hoping for some better sleep now, (until the next one comes through that is!!)

    Hope things improve, but I know exactly where you're coming from!!
  • :lol:
    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one saying everything is teething!!!
  • YES!

    LO has one tooth and since he started teething we have had a misreble, inconsolable, never sleeping baby arrrggghhhh, if i could get hold of that tooth fairy i would give her what for!!
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