very poorly baby, any ideas??

of what I can do to help?

Gabe is so ill, has a terrible cold and cough, runny poo, and is teething too as the bottom 2 teeth look like they are going to pop through any minute. He wont really be put down at all and even when he's being walked round with, he still cries. The only way I could get him to sleep was to put his carseat by the washing machine and rock it. White noise - works miracles!!

I know this sounds awful but I'm dreading him waking up. He's not taking much milk (has had about 13oz so far today) as he can't breathe or swallow properly. A lot of the milk spills out his mouth even though he is trying. He's not interested in food either and as for playing...forget it, lol. I was going to put him in his baby carrier but oh has got the car & its there...grrrr

It just feels like its 1 thing after another at the mo - colds, teething, coughs, tummy aches, eczema. I know this should be the last thing on my mind but when am I gonna get my happy baby boy back!!!

Has anyone got any ideas what I can do to help? I'm just giving calpol atm and will probably put some snuffle babe on at night.



  • have u tried some karvol on an old bib fastened near by to help with stuffy nose?
    i give my los mediced when they have a bad cold as it helps them sleep and recover,
    hope he is well soon hun. xx
  • bless him - Louise's cough is worse today though she has slept all afternoon. I'm really hoping that it's not going to effect her sleep tonight.

    How about making the bathroom all steamy and taking him in there - the theory is that it will help him to breath better. And give him water to ensure he doesn't get dehydrated
  • Hiya Honey - we have got a grumpy (due to a cold and teething) Tommy at the moment as well and we are using Medised (bought from a chemist who knew he was only 5 1/2 months) and saline drops!

    Also his cot mattress is raised at night hon.

    Hope you get your happy Gabe back soon!

    Love Lee
  • Hi
    As you know from my other post I have a grumpy lo too and I know how you feel.

    Poor little Gabe, I really feel for him (and you).
    You sound like you are doing all you can to comfort him and I could only suggest Calpol or Calprofen - which I'm sure you have done.
    I hope he gets better soon xxxx
  • Hi. Sorry to hear Gabes poorly. Nathan has been the same, between tummy bugs, colds and conjunctivitis he's been ill for a month.

    For his nose i did find taking him into a steamy room for 15 minutes helped a bit, as well as Karvol and his mattress raised. Even though his cold is gone he still has a snotty nose and is being really grumpy at the mo so think he has teeth coming through too.

    I saw that Gabes development check went well, cant remember if I responded as I was away but glad everythings ok.

  • thanks girls - omg what a night! Gabe has been screaming non stop, unless I carry him around (standing up) in a sling...even had to go to the loo with it on!!...he hasnt really stopped crying (unless carried around) since 2pm! He refused his tea but drank 5oz of his bottle - he has had about 18oz today which is less than usual 24-26oz but still OK I suppose...I'm really worried about him tbh...I will see the chemist tomorrow about some medised if he is bad tomorrow but if he is still screaming like he has been I will see GP.
    He's finally gone down in his cot, I hope he sleeps tonight! xx
    Mumdonna hope you had a good time, welcome back x
  • hi sorry for both of you listen it miaght be ok or nothing at all but if the cough persist its better to have him check by your gp or the hospital it sound too much or may be youd done already hope the baby feels better soon.
  • Have you checked his temp? If he is really distressed maybe ring NHS Direct to get some advice? Fortunately even though Charlotte grumpy & crying in the day she goes to sleep ok (prob worn out)!
    (((Hugs to both of you)))
  • Temp is fine about 36-7 (crappy forehead thermometer though...must buy digital ear one!) I was thinking of calling NHS direct and def will overnight if he is still soooo bad.
    He has gone to sleep now - i know he won't sleep through - but hope he at least has a few hours! x
  • Poppy had a really bad cough & cold last week and those combined with the fact she was teething and had measles made her a very unhappy little girl! We used a Karvol diffuser, bowl of water with Olbas oil under the radiator, cot raised at head end (although she spins round in her sleep so that didn't help!) and Calcold (says from 2 years but the chemist gave it to me). With the help of these, she did settle and have a reasonable sleep.
    I hope the poor wee thing is feeling better soon.
  • Hi,

    You can get a plug in thing by Calpol that is to help clear a stuffy nose and it is a lovely calming smell, may be worth a try. They sell them at Tescos and probably at the chemists too.

    I agree though if he isn't much better soon then I would get him checked out by your GP just to be sure, and checking his temp is a good idea too.

    If it is his teeth causing more of the problem try Calprofen rather than calpol as I have found it loads more effective.

    Really hope he is feeling better soon! x
  • We have a forehead thermometer (Tommee Tippee) and we find it pretty useless. I spoke to a paediatric (sp) nurse recently and she recommended a bog standard digital thermometer and to use it under lo's arm. I've been in Mothercare & Boots loads and keep forgetting to buy one - duh!
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