Sleeping bags without poppers??

Hi ladies
DD can pull off her sleeping bag so I'm on the hunt for one that doesn't have poppers on the shoulders??
I do have one, it's a Gro Bag one, 0.5 tog - it's just a zip that goes all the way down the front.
Are ALL Gro Bag ones like this?
Can anyone please help? Thanks xx


  • all the grobags i've had are just a zip from top to bottom, although i think they do some with poppers, but the majority are zips x
  • Excellent, thanks Hun x
  • I got some from John Lewis (own brand) which were on sale - only ??11!!! No poppers on the shoulders, just a zip from top to bottom. Lots of different tog sizes and designs to choose from too.
  • Ditto to the John Lewis sale ones x
  • I love the john lewis ones - I can only find a 1tog though, anyone know if there is a 0.5 tog one?
  • Yeah I def saw one there - can only find this one online:

    C xo
  • i can't find any john lewis or slumber sac in 0.5tog (except one pink john lewis one, but i have a boy lol), ds has only got one 0.5tog and i desparately need atleast one more as its a nightmare trying to get it washed and dried in time (no tumble dryer, tiny walled in courtyard), and tkmaxx appear to have stopped doing grobags and now only seem to stock slumbersacs...also does anyone know what the wieght retriction is for slumbersacs, ie grobag says 6-18months is 18lb+, 12-36 (?) is 25lb+, ds is only 21lb, so bit wary of using the slumbersacs in case he's too small for them, even tho he's 16months x x
  • Thanks ladies image
    That John Lewis one is unfortunately out of stock otherwise i'd have bought!!!
    Other than that, they're priced around ??25 ish??
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