EXTREMELY boring - Tesco!

Don't know why I feel compelled to share this, but.... Tesco are doing one of their "double your Clubcard vouchers" events atm, where you can double up whatever value of vouchers you have to spend in one of several departments, of which one is toddler and baby. I had ??20 of vouchers which I took in store and doubled to ??40, and because there were also some really good offers on wipes I managed to get 300 nappies and 30 packets of wipes - and didn't pay a penny at the till!

So def worthwhile saving up Clubcard vouchers until one of these events is on. I think they do them about two or three times a year.

No need to reply - just thought some others might not know and be able to benefit too!

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  • I managed to get 6 pack of wipes, pack of vests, wee shirt, porrige, ellas kitchen biscuits and all his jars for the week for nout too! Was well chuffed!
  • i saw this but how does it work?
    Do i just buy the value for double the vouchers and take to the till or do i have go and get the vouchers doubled 1st??
  • Lilac - you gte the vouchers doubled first. You go to the little kiosk (set up by the entrance specifically for the event) with your vouchers and they give you a paper voucher for double their value (multiples of ??10 only).

    Then you just do your shop and go to the till as usual.
  • Ahh, I am also excited about this! I'm so sad I know!
    They did this last year as well and we had been saving our vouchers for the past 2 years and had ??250. We had been saving them to put towards a holiday with the x4 value deals (as we had done before and had a trip to Paris!), but when we found out we were pregnant we doubled them up and got ??500 in vouchers which we spent on a maxi cosi car seat, iso fix base, cot, angel care monitor, and a few other things (I can't remember what!). It saved us so much money, which was fab as we moved house just under a week before my LO was born, so money was a bit tight!
    We are thinking of doubling our vouchers now to put towards the next stage car seat, but just have to decide which one to go for!
    I love the Tesco deals!
  • i think im going to use mine towrads a baby monitor. its a great idea x
  • We've just got ours through and i've now managed to save up ??80.50! (Quite proud of my willpower against spending them!) Just found out we can swop them for ??320 worth of holiday vouchers with Cosmos image
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