What would you like someone else to do?

Baby related chores, I mean, not just housework generally.

I would like someone to come into my house 3 times a day to clean the highchair and floor around it. I think it's the only part of mummyhood that I am not enjoying at the moment! I don't even mind stinky nappy changes.

What about you? What one baby-related thing would you like not to have to do?



  • the high chair, for definate! so monotonous, 3 times a day, every day same thing, cleaning food out from it, off of ds, off of the floor, argh!

    although nappies is temptiing too, but not s????o much for the stench, more the incessant wriggling and trying to put his hands in his poo and practically pulling his little tinker off (thats gotta hurt!)

    but still sticking with the highchair, he only poos once a day and the highchair is 3 times lol

  • Clothes washing!! I hate it, I love seeing all her dinky things hanging out on the line but hate the process of getting them there and in her wardrobe. When its our things there may be 20 things max in the wash but hers there's thousands of things, its like Mary Poppins bag, stuff just keeps on coming!!!!

  • Ironing the baby clothes, generally dont mind ironing but her clothes are so small I keep burning my fingers lol
  • I hate washing, sterilsing & making bottles up. Try make oh do it as much as poss lol
  • lisao - don't iron them! Problem solved! lol!

    For me it's def the mealtime aftermath. I hate it. I'm finding it sooo tedious at the moment.

  • Hmm, for me it has to be changing stinky nappies. It is such a battle at the moment with DS writhing around trying to roll over and sit up with poo going everywhere. Bang goes any attempt at hygiene. It's even harder in public baby changing rooms where i don't want to put him on the floor. He did actually poo on his bedroom carpet the other day - my mistake for leaving him nappy free I guess. I have been vanish moussing that for days. I don't like doing that either!

    I also hate cleaning the highchair and the floor after each meal, so 3 times a day. It's so utterly boring.

  • The worst bit is when you come downstairs after putting them to bed, and head straight towards the fridge for the bottle of wine... then remember you haven't cleaned up after dinner. And then you have to do the bottles. And then you have to make dinner for yourself and OH. YAWN.
  • Wash the bottles (we have Dr Brown bottles and they are sooo fiddly) and clean the highchair (I'm constantly finding food in it - I'm sure LO has a secret pocket for snacks!).
    Also, LO currently has temper tantrums when I wont do the 50th lap of the room with him walking holding onto my fingers (seriously, i'm going to end up with a hunchback!) so someone who is willing to do that for a few hours would be great too!
  • defo clenaing the highchair, i have taken to puting it outside and hosing it down :lol:
  • making bottles! knew i should have carried on breast feeding!!! lol x
  • Mealtimes, full stop! My husband is home during the day for the summer, which is lovely but he has started getting all patriarchal at mealtimes about Peter finishing his main before he gets pudding. To which my response is that if he wants to prepare the meal, have a battle over eating while trying to eat himself, clean up after the meal (highchair, table, bib, floor) and do the dishes not once or even twice (he does help out with breakfast and dinner some days) but three times a day, he can be my guest! Peter got his yoghurt after that. :lol:
  • Bottles
    off-load dishwasher
    take kitchen bin out
    ironing...I could basically do with a housekeeper and nanny!!!
  • Ooooo Ironing, I don't mind cleaning but I hate ironing and I always leave it until there are loads but weirdly I like cleaning!!
  • Someone to pick him up and sit him back down every time h flops over trying to crawl..before screaming because he hasn't yet figured how to. It's getting very boring very quickly!
  • The worst bit is when you come downstairs after putting them to bed, and head straight towards the fridge for the bottle of wine... then remember you...have to do the bottles. And then you have to make dinner for yourself and OH. YAWN.


    This is me literally every night! Why does it still come as a shock?!

    Washing and sterilising the fiddly Dr Browns bottles is top of my hate list at the moment. I've not started weaning yet though, so no doubt the grubby highchair will start featuring fairly soon!

    The other thing I hate is emptying the bin when it's full of stinky nappies...gag

  • Can i be sad and actually say nothing??? I dont mind doing any baby stuff at the moment!! I would happily spend all day washing/ironing his clothes, bathing, feeding, nappies etc. He is such a happy soul i really dont mind.

    The housework and big kids stuff is a different story!!! I would happily swap all of it, the temper tantrums, the "i want, i want" or "i dont want", clearing up after dinner, the shouting, the toys everywhere!! need i go on???

    Best idea is keep the babies under about 1 and sell the rest on ebay!!!! (lol)

    Gemm x
  • I would love someone to come in and wean Niamh for me (or at least do all the food prep for the freezer). I am going to be thinking about weaning Niamh in the next few weeks and to say I am terrified is an understatment x
  • high chair cleaning. mealtimes generally, D is so not into eating so if someone else could sit with him while he refuses to eat, that would be fine. actually, he eats much better for everyone else except me so maybe i'm onto something.

    I put the bottles in the dishwasher now but hate washing the teats ans lids.

    get up at 5.30 with him!
  • oH ME TOO Gemm, I love looking after her! Not that I mind a bit of help every now and again! I would like someone to come in and make a stash of food for her, so that I can do it when i feel like it!

    Em x
  • The 5 or 6 am ish feed!!! Oh. My. God. I am fine at the 2am one but I feel so, so vile at the later one. Every fibre of my being wills her to decide she's actually not hungry and to go back to sleep. Never happens dammnit!
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