My ds mastered rolling from back to front very quickly, at around 4 months. He is now 6 months and still can't go from front to back. Is he being slow to catch on or this this "normal"? And is there anything I can do to help him learn how to do it? He gets very frustrated when he's stuck on his front, and while I have been leaving him for a while like that so he has the opportunity to master rolling back, he doesn't seem to be getting it!


  • DD is exactly the same, she is 21 weeks and has been rolling from back to front in both directions for the last 3 weeks or so, but can't get back (doesn't even try!). She gets fed up after a couple of minutes and I turn her back over, just for her to do it again straight away!
  • I guess every baby is different so I wouldn't worry - my lo is 18 weeks and hasn't rolled at all yet and hates tummy time - she loves sitting upright though so I suspect she might end up mastering sitting up before she masters rolling tbh. Am sure my lo and yours will get there in good time image x
  • My lo rolled front to back for the 1st time at 5 & half months & has just rolled from back to front today at 6 months. I thought she was never gonna do it!

  • my dd1 never ever rolled front to back! she learnt to roll back to front early and was crawling at 5 months but never once rolled the other way! x
  • Toby was just the opposite - rolled from front to back first (he always hated being on his tummy) and didn't go the other way for AGES. Now he does both all the time - don't worry, they all get there in the end image
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