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I was just wondering how others get on with blw. How closely do you stick to the principles of blw? I started off with all good intentions of following it to the letter and not interfering with her at all but I found that i was getitng more and more involved, at first it was just if she was having trouble picking something up I would help her by picking it up and holding it for her to take it out of my hand. But now sometimes if I pick something up to offer her she just eats it outs of my fingers rather than taking it in her hand.
Also when she has yoghurt or ready brek, to start with I was offering her a pre-loaded spoon and letting her take it but whilst she was able to get the spoon into her mouth she would usually drop most of it on the way so I started popping a few in there myself and now if I offer her a spoon she just opens her mouth and waits for me to feed it to her, if she does try and take the spoon then I let her.
Also sometimes when she is just playing with the food for quite a long time and not eating any then I find that I just pop a bit in her mouth to just remind her that it is actually food and then she will start to eat it herself.

I do think blw is the best decision we've made though, we have been doing it for nearly 9 weeks and it is so impressive how well she eats and the variety of food that she has had. God its messy though :lol:


  • I know what you mean - I was all set to do BLW to the letter but I do find that I "help" Toby every now and then. I'm not sure that that is necessarily inconsistent with the principles of BLW though - if he wants to eat but I have erred in giving something that's too slippery for him to hold, then I will hold it for him at least for a little while - I usually let him guide my hand to his mouth so he's still sort of feeding himself iyswim? I don't force feed him anything and I let him decide when he's had enough (which he kindly demonstrates by methodically transferring every bit of food on his tray to the floor, lol!)

    I am so pleased that we are doing BLW though, whenever I try spoonfeeding (eg with yogurt to try and avoid mess) it instantly becomes a battle for the spoon and in fact usually ends up being messier than if I just left him to it. He is really getting the hang of eating now and it's so cool to watch him demolish food and experience new tastes, textures etc. It does take a while though (we have ben doing it for just under 2 months and he is really only just now really eating rather than sucking/chewing and then spitting out. I could do without the change in nappies though!!!! YUK!!!

    I think as long s you follow your mummy instincts you'll be fine - there are no rules!

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