Quick! Return to Work meeting!

What the hell do i need to do!? What questions do i need to ask? What information am i going to need?

I have my meeting tomorow (not that they've told me until now what time it is!) and i've suddenly gone completely clueless! image




  • it depends on what ur objectives are for this meeting! are you going to be askin for different hours, or are you keepin everything the same as before you left? will u be bf and need somewhere private to express during the day? off top of my head thats really all my employers asked me about when i returned to work after my last lo!! (that was 2.5yrs ago thou, so my memory is a bit shot and i'm pregnant again so that doesnt help..lol!!) just make a bullet point list of everything that you think is relevent, and take it from there, anything you forget i am sure you can take up with hr anytime!! wishing you lots of luck tommorrow, am sure all will be fine xx
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