is this big?

i have 3 girls they were all quite big at birth 9lb 11oz, 9lb 8oz and 9lb 1oz. my youngest Nancy is 4weeks old and got weighted yesterday and she is 10lb 11oz, is this big for her age??
i looked back at my other girls books and they weren't this big at 4 weeks they were 10lb and 9lb 14oz. i asked a few of my other mum friends and they were saying weights like 8lb+ and 9lb+.
HV didnt seem to worried just said to make sure she didnt go over the line she is at.
is this a normal weight or is she big for her age, im overweight 5ft4in & 14st7lb, and i hope its not in her genes or something, sorry if this does sound bit silly.
sam&Nancy 4wks


  • I just looked at my boy's red book and he was 10lb 14oz at 4 weeks (but only 8lb at birth!). It is big for a baby this age but not a problem! It's actually easier to have a bigger baby in my opinion as you don't have to worry about poor weight gain, or if they get ill and lose weight... It's not definitely gene related at this stage - I am 5'4'' and under 9 stone, and all of my family are slim, yet I have ended up with this ginormous baby!

    Hope that helps - stop worrying (although I did too - haha - what a hypocrite!) xxxx
  • Hey Sam. James was 11lb 2.5oz when I had him weighed at 4 weeks 4 days. Today at 7 weeks exactly he's 11lb 13.75oz. He's in the 75th percentile, but has dropped slightly. HV is happy, and he takes 5oz milk mainly 3-4 hourly. He was a big baby at birth, so will continue to be a big baby, because he's supposed to put on weight. It would be worse if our lo's weren't! You're Nancy is doing fine, continue to enjoy her as you have been. xx mithical and James 7 weeks.
  • Sasha was 9lb 6oz at birth. Didn't get her weighed at 4 weeks but at 5 weeks she was 11lb 12oz and at 6 weeks 12lb 1oz. She was on 98th centile at birth and now steadily on 91st.

    Try not to worry about baby being overweight, she'll have plenty of time for that later in life.

    Also are you bf or ff? The charts have changed now from being based on ff babies to bf babies so if you are ff then she will be higher up on the chart anyway.
  • oh thhanks ladies, you've all put my ind at rest thankyou. your definatly right i would rather her be big than under weight. xxx
  • I wouldnt worry about weight too much, my lo was only 12lbs 4ozs at her 4 month check up and I was worried that this was low but she is the right weight for her size and despite this size she eats like nothing normal!!
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