Help needed.... naps.....

My son is now 20 weeks old, and whilst we have mastered sleeping through the night, he only ever naps for roughly 30-40 mins at a time throughout the day.

So how can i get him to sleep for a long nap rather then catnaps??

He self settles and has no dummy. I have tried letting him have a little cry in hope he goes back down, but that doesn't work either!!

He has roughly 4 naps totalling 2 hrs maximum.

Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks


  • Hi
    My DD used to do the same thing, I'd had enough of not being able to get things done so I tweaked things. Since I tweaked (she was 6 months) she has an hour and 15 mins (sometimes a bit more) in a morning and around 45mins - an hour mid afternoon (she used to have a catnap at 4pm but she dropped that). She's now almost 10 months.

    You don't say where your LO takes his naps??

    Well, when I tweaked I put her back to bed in her cot, with the sleeping bag on too.
    She used to sleep downstairs during the day in her swing chair/sofa/playmat etc.
    HTH xx
  • hey mrs I know your a big walker does he sleep longer when out on walks?? If so personnally I would take him out at the same 2 times a day morning and afternoon for about 2 weeks (I did this for 3) this should 'train his wee body to be sleepy at these times and for longer, its a scientific fact the more sleep you get the more you need so get him used to sleeping longer albeit out on the walks and then he should go back to the cot no bother, reece would sleep a maximum of 20 mins before I did this and now sleeps between 45 mins to 1 and half hours in the morning and between one and half to 2 and a half hours in the afternoon, he's just wakened after an hour and 40 mins there but thats because the friggin builders out the back are using their grinder again ffs!!!!
  • lol moonbean, Bloody builders.

    Jacob naps in his cot (if we are home). I do walk alot, but again Jacob will only ever sleep for 40 mins in his buggy image Even bought a different buggy to see if it would make much difference!!

    I will try the walking again and see what happens! The dog will be grateful of an extra long walk twice a day!!

  • image its tough going lol im now back to the bottle batlle that sleeping has been 'dealt with' to the best of my ability xx
  • Good luck, I read on one of your post's your trying something new tonight, GOOD LUCK!!

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