did u change onto follow on milk at 6months???

My HV said that follow on milk was just a gimmick and no different to the usual first stage formula. I looked at the nutrition info on the back of the cow & gate and there seems to be a little more iron, vitamins in the follow on milk. Luke is 6months in a few weeks and didnt know whether to change him??? did u change ur LO over??? was there any effects...constipation, tummy ache etc???


  • hi pippa's 7 and a half months and still on 1st stage formula, i don't see the point in changing as she's happy on it.
  • hi there is no 'need' to change lo too follow on if they are having a varied nurtitional diet and ur confident they're gtting enough vits and mins, if u think they may need a bit more of a boost then follow-on is there. also it has they added bonus of being eliible for loyalty points (clubcard, advantage card, nectar etc) which u can't do on normal formula. personally i haven't changed ds on to follow on bbut purely cos he can't have it (milk intolerant) otherwise i wld have switched over xx
  • I switched over when Beth was 6 months, and also use the nighttime milk with it (cow and gate) and she got on fine. No probs whatsoever. I mainly did it for the extra iron but always told myself if she didnt get on with it i didnt mind her staying on the first milk. My friends little one was on 1st stage milk til he was over 1 year which apparently is absolutely fine. You do whatever you think is best as mummy image
  • I switched as I didn't see the point in paying more than I had to and I got loads of vouchers for substantial discounts for Heinz nurture. My son has been fine on it and has happily switched brands several times when different offers have been on. I think in 6 months I've only paid for 1 full price tub and 3 full price cartons. That's a lot of money to save when the discounts can be ??2 or ??3 per tin.
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