My sister is having the "abortion" as i write! *UPDATE :-(*

Well got a text at 7 to say she was on her way to hosp with his mum and him! Cos he is there i wont go so she is going to ring me when its over! I feel quite emotional and no i will break down when she rings!! I was hoping shed change her mind but i would of got a text by now if that was the case! We had a heart to heart yesterday and she said she was definitley going through with it! But she said she really wants it!! TOO LATE NOW I PRESUME HE/SHE IS GONE image I cant helpbut feel sorry for the unborn child, i never realsied how strong my views were on this but i see it as murder, i know that is a strong word and everyone has there own opinions on abortion! She would have made such a good mum and she knows it! cant wait to see her later now! gonna give her biggest hug ever!!

Well i just got off phone with her and its done now! Her blood pressure has gone below 37 dont know what that means wether its due to aneasthetic or what and she is alot of pain and keeps going cold and getting pins n needles in her legs? She has been crying and is in a mess like i knew she would be! Need to get to her but cant while they are there!!!! I'm unsure how serious all this is or if its just effects of aneasthetic!

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  • bless her, but i guess its only when youve had your own that you see whats been lost.. i wish her all the best and hope shes made the right decision for her not her slimey bloke
  • yeah i agree with abortion if its done early enough and was a genuine mistake or through rape etc!! But when you planned a baby and then just change your mind thats what i think is soo wrong! She's a very strong minded woman and not half as emotional as me but i know it will be tearing her up inside! And his mum and him are the ones she has to come round to, i hope in her dazed post aneasthetic phaze she says something horrible to them!! She was playing with max yesterday and i could just see the hurt in her eyes! I think a good night out is in order soon! gonna try everything i can to keep her mind of it. x
  • Oh no, what a horrible situation for all involved. Do you think she'll stay with her partner, or will she resent him and break free from him and his over bearing mother? Like you say, it's just an awful reason to have an abortion, and your sister will be torn up. xxx
  • yes she hates him for it, she has told him she will never ever have kids with him again after what he has put her through, I think she will definitley leave him within next few weeks cos of it! I'm ready to kick his arse!! Little shit that he is!!
  • you are doing the best thing you can for her - being there for her! i know how bad you have felt about all this, so i hope you and she will be ok!

  • Aw hugs hun to you and your sis, it's so sad that they planned it and then she felt like she had to have an
  • Oh, your poor sis. And you must be in bits as well. Hopefully it's just the effect of the anaesthetic. I should imagine she is also probably in a bit of shock, so this would make her shakey etc. Plus she will be grieving for the baby she lost. Hugs again. xxx
  • Such a sad thing! i hope she is more careful in future!
    I do feel for you tho! hope your ok!
  • This story is so sad.....image

    Hope you're all ok.

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