Jumperoo V door bouncer??

If you were going to get one or the other, which would it be?? xxx


  • door bouncer for me!! Takes up much less room and dd loved hers!! xx
  • if money was no object then jumparoo, we have a door bouncer and I need about 15 hands to get LO in and out!
  • I have both 0image
    Jumperoo is a real hit and if you can get it when Argos has a sale on all the better. Amelia has been in it since she was 12 weeks old.
    Door bouncers, I see as being more portable and she can go in it from 4 months.
  • if you can afford it and want something similar to a jumperoo how about a leapfrog learn and groove AND a door bouncer!
    if you dont mind 2nd hand have a look on ebay! i got a leap frog learn and groove station for ??15 the other day and lizzie loves it!
  • I've got both and we don't really use the door bouncer anymore, although it is handy for taking to grannies house image I think the jumperoo wins hands down for Emily though - i think she is in love with the butterfly on it! :lol: xxx
  • If money and space is not an issue then i;d go Jumperoo all the time. Used our door bouncer once but takes 2 of us to get him in and out of it!
  • Jumperoo, JUmperoo, Jumperoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hehehehe, we did have a door bouncer too but it's reeeeeally hard work getting LO in & out (especially trying to do it by yourself!). We used the door bouncer about 3 times. Bought a Jumperoo and she still goes in it every day now (at 9 months).
    If you can afford it and have a bit of space (as it's quite bulky) the definitely get the Jumperoo xx
  • Def Jumperoo. We have both and Beth HATES the door bouncer but loves the Jumperoo.

  • JUMPEROO!!!! i borrowed one from a friend on here and actually cried when my LO got to heavy for it and had to give it back. it was fab and my LO loved it. i tried her in a door bouncer and she just kept bounching into the door frame!
  • jumperoo!! sleepybeccie I know the feeling. I loved watching LO in it. It was the only break I got at the time. Bliss, he would go for ages in it, bouncing and laughing and all safely. Even when he outgrew it he would start bouncing on everyone and thing. He's a right little tigger.

    I miss the jumperoo. Did anyone try the bounce and spin zebra? I didn't but it looks like it might quell post jumperoo bouncing blues.
  • We have both but only because we couldn't use the jumperoo for about 6 weeks and I had nothing else to put LO in when I needed to eat etc. He absolutely loves the door bouncer!! Mine came with a musical mat you put underneath so that it plays music or makes sounds when they bounce and he adores it.

    I find it really easy to get him in and out of and do it by myself all the time - maybe I have a different brand to the others (mines a Jolly Jumper).

    Can't beat the Jumperoo for variety of activity though so that would still be my first pick.

    C image
  • we have both but both girls prefered the jumperoo was the best buy ever image
  • lol, so the jumperoo wins then! i will have to investigate! any recommendations of good ones? x
  • Hey hun,

    I got our rainforest jumperoo from Very.co.uk. It was ??90 i think but we got ??30 off our first order which made it ??60 bargain!

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