Into the 4th month and not sleeping through yet..

Hi all,

Oliver is now into his 4th month and has only slept through a few times, when do they start sleeping through all the time?
He had a feed at midnight last night and thought it was time to play so at 2.30am my husband was still trying to get him to go down, very frustrating!

He is fed 210ml every 5 hours...any ideas welcome!



  • Sorry hun, I don't have much advice as we are the same. Riley still wakes 3-4 hourly overnight, sometimes 2 hourly. Am just hoping at 6 months it may get better. xxx
  • No advice but its actually looking quite coomon that these lil boys dont like sleeping through. My George has not slept through once and he is 17 weeks so practically 4 months. I cant even see him sleeping through any time soon either.

    I had 2 girls before him one of which slept at 4 weeks and the other who slept through from the night she was born so i think this is pay back for them being so good! xx
  • Your lo is not the only one!!!! I've had a few good nights recently - including last night. A good night for me is that I pick her up out of her cot at 10pm (the latest I can stay up lol) and give her a dream feed. Then, she wakes at 2am and 5am for feeding. If I am luckily, she wont wake till 7.30, though this morning it was 6am....(my dh looked after ger till 7am so I could sleep)

    Tips I have been given....

    Establish a good consistant bedtime routine. Bath, bottle in dim room and bed.

    Put lo down in cot to settle themselves of to sleep so that if they wake at night they are able to settle themselves back to sleep again. Make sure when they fall asleep they will see the same things when they wake up

    Make sure they are getting enough food during the day - cluster feed at bedtime - so lo might have two bottles closer together in the evening.

    When they wake at night, keep it dark (we leave hall light on) and dont talk to lo. This helps them to learn difference between day and night.

    Unfortunately for us.....It is natural for babies to wake up during the night!

  • sry t o say it, but all babies vary. Some sleep from day1 like my cousins baby/ some like my daughter, is 6 mths and has only slept through once. She is getting better, but i still get once maybe twice in night.

    Make sure, when you d see to her in the night, that you are relaxed and not tense cos ur lo has woken up. your lo will sense this.

    When you feed him, does your lo have eye contact with you and is there a bright light on. These could both stimulate him tp be more awake. xxx

  • My dd was 7months when she slept through. Got her to do that with the help of the baby whisperer x
  • My little girl is getting worse rather than better. she wakes up every hour from 3am. every hour and I mean that!!!

    And she is nearly 7months old. How is this possible....
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