Freezing cheese sauce made with formula milk


Just wondering if you can freeze cheese sauce if its been made with formula milk and not cows milk.

I had a craving tonight to make Niamh caulflower and leek cheese for her tea and when I came to do the cheese sauce I realised we didn't have enough whole cows milk so I made up the rest with formula. I have made enough to feed a small army and it was only after I questioned myself on if it could be frozen.

On another note - I came into the living room from tidying up the kitchen from tea to find NIamh had manged to get to the wipes, open them and was happily munching on one! I quickly took it off her and have now put the wipes away (it was my fault for leaving them on the floor from last bum change) - Niamh will be ok won't she? I wondered why it had suddenly gone quiet and thought she had fallen asleep!



  • Hello!

    I use all formula milk in cooking for Lyvi and have made loads of things with cheese sauce and frozen it no problem at all.

    Cheeky monkey getting the wipes! These are also one of Lyvi's favourite things to try and get (along with phones, remotes, my necklace, my slippers and her Oilatum cream tube!). I am sure she will be fine and didn't get much into her system from a little suck :\)

    Love NN xx
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