Hyperactive baby??

Gabe is HYPER this morning and its driving me mad!!!

He won't stop shouting MUM MUM and YEAH YEAH yeah, everytime I pick him up his legs are wriggling like mad, he wouldn't stop thrashing about in his highchair and trying to grab food off the spoon arrrghhh! He was so hyper he gave himself hiccups...

Any ideas how to let him burn all the energy off?


  • haha! no idea hun but he sounds like fun!

    cameron has started shouting at us, but he doesnt know any words yet, unless mmmmmmmmm is a word. But he has started like whooping and yelling at us! noisy little buggar!

    he isnt crawlin yet is he? stick him on his tummy on the floor with toys all around and let him roll off some energy.

  • Hahah sounds like Sophie in her everyday mood image I must say I like it when she's so crazy at least you know he is happy and prbably wont be ,much on shy side when hes older either. I say enjoy it hun and good way to burn down all this energy a little is to tickle them until the cant bare it any moreimage Sophie loves to go to jumpeero as well and play hide and seek x
  • Nah he's not crawling but he doesnt roll either! He can roll both ways but never does it and just whines and 'skydives' when he's on his tummy!! Hes actually down for a nap now but i dont think he's gonna go to sleep. xx
  • play hide n seek! then chase him around, give yourself a workout and by end of hour he will be fast asleep lol works for my two older boys lol
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