help three wheeler advice!

Hi we are looking for a new pushchair, i currently have mamas and papas pilko switch which is lovely and cosy for Josh who is nearly 4months but i find it really difficult to steer! and theres no chance of going through grass etc. I would love to get a phil and teds as they seem great and we do plan on having another later so could add doubles kit, however its so expensive!! We quite like the mamas and papas 03 sport and is much cheaper. Has anyone got any experience of this as don't want to make another mistake! Any help much appreciated thanks xx


  • I've got a maxi cosy 3 wheeler which is really nice and easy to push but when its folded down its big but thats the only down side image

  • I've got the Phil and Teds and it's fantastic. I use it mostly as a double but it has been used as a single as well and we've had no problems with it at all. It's lovely to steer and fantastic if you wan't to take it off road, I can't recomend it enough. It is more expensive but you don't need to buy the doubles kit and everything now, and just think how much money you'll save not having to buy another double!!!
  • i had the Jane Slalom which i loved, but i would agree with Bedhead - if you are looking at having another lo, then the Phil & Teds seems a great idea!! you may pay more for it now, but in the long run......!

    my cousin got one recently off ebay that was in excellent condition (with the extra bit for the baby), and she loves it!! she hasnt had the baby bit yet (due in 4 weeks), so i dont know how that will work out, but she is desperate to try!!!
  • Ive got the phil and teds and i love it!it is easy to steer one handed, great for walks round the lake near where we live.
    We only use it as a single tho soafraid no advice on the double side ofthings
  • We considered the phil and ted as we would like another child. However with only one at present we couldnt justify the extra cost.
    We did have in mind the mama and papa sport, however when we went into the shop we were put off by the older model which they had problems with and they didnt stock the new one as a result (our daughter came a month early so we brought the pram the day she came out of hospital, didnt get the option to look around!).Apparently the new one is meant to be ok. Definately go to the shop to try them out first.

    The onyl other 3 wheeler they had was the quinny speedi. I have had no problems with it. We used it with the maxi cosi car seat. Only down side which is what you get with all thre proper 3 wheeler pushchairs is that they dont fold completely flat due to the large wheels. I have a ka and it means putting one of the seats down. I dont mind as is means i have the pushchair that fits our needs. Its really easy to fold down and we liked the extra brake for when walking down hills and the change of height in the handle.
    The only downside i have found if any, is the fact that the thicker wheels means it can be a bit of a squeeze to fit through single doors.
  • We have the quinny buzz which I love but it can be pricey. I have a C3 and tend to take the back wheels off so it goes in easily. It's a bit of hassle but I'd much rather stick with it than have a travel system pushchair like many of my friends as they are all finding them too bulky. With the quinny at least it's flat enough that I can get shopping on top.
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