Stitches (sorry if tmi), how long healing??

I had my baby 10 days ago- she was delivered by forceps after a very quick and painful labour. I had an episiotomy(?), but unfortunatly also suffered a third degree tear!!! I am still feeling very sore and uncomfortable and was just wondering anyone that has experienced this, how long did it take for you to recover?? I also have a 2 1/2 yr old, so getting any rest is almost impossible, and i have been trying to carryy on as norm. Do u think i'm better off resting or getting on wit things?? although it does hurt to sit down so resting is quite difficult.


  • I had a 2nd degree tear and mine healed in about a couple of months.
    Have you got anyone that can help you around the house whilst you recover? Also, adding lavender oil to a bath helps the healing process. Get a pillow to sit on - I used a v-shaped one in the armchair and it helped with the pressure.
    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Just to say im feeling your pain! My stictches have become very uncomfortable in the last few days-i think now that the bruising and numbness has died down im feeling everthing for the first time.

    Lets hope things heal fast! Im trying to do as little as possible, i went for a walk the other day and really regreted it later so ive had a quiet few days and will try to do abit more next week x
  • I tore and required an episostomy for forceps. I found baths with tea tree really helpful and arnica, apparently I was hardly bruised/swollen and have healed very well.

    I would get as much rest as you can, lying down on my side was my most comfiest position and I did that for the first wk -10 days.... but my little girl is my first so I could and let family run round after me, must be different if you have a toddler as well. As they started to heal was when they became painful - they were itchy and felt tight, horrible!

    Hope you feel better soon xx
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