Weaning & bottles - routine??


I am weaning my DS and he is now on 3 meals a day. However, I am confused about what I should be giving him and when. At the moment he as the following:-

7.30/8.00 - Bottle then breakfast of baby porridge or fruit etc

11.00 - Bottle

1.00 - lunch of veg puree

3.00 - Bottle

5.00 - tea of veg puree

7.00 - Bottle & bed

10.30 - dream feed

I am finding it hard because i am feeding him either bottle or food every 2 hours & I wondered whether this is right or whether I should be giving him his food & his bottle at the same time so he just has it every 4 hours and I just wondered what other people are doing? Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Thank you xx


  • if hes wanting it then it should be fine, once LO was established on 3 good meals and pudding we went to 3 bottles of 7/8oz at 9,3 and 7, before we were doing what you are minus the dreamfeed as he didnt need it, when he dropped the 11am bottle we moved his lunch forward, babies need approx 20oz a day when on solids but each baby is different and may need more or want less x
  • Hi,

    We're doing almost exactly the same as you. Although we're on 2 meals still at the moment.

    I'm waiting for James to drop bottles on his own, including the DF. But at the moment he's taking at least 4oz of 7oz bottles. Although he takes less milk from the bottle, because he has so many still, he's taking enough milk.

    Once we've been on 3 meals a day for a while, I'll see how we are progressing. If James doesn't drop say the 11am bottle on his own, I'll consider doing it, based on how much milk he's taking elsewhere. The only one I'm reluctant to mess with is the DF, I don't want James waking any earlier than the 6am he already does! xx
  • My LO is just over 7 months and we're now at 3 meals, our day is as follows:

    7.00 - Breakfast then bottle (4-5oz)
    11.30 - Lunch - savoury and pudding
    2.30 - Bottle (5-7oz)
    5.15 - Dinner - savoury and pudding
    7.30 - Bottle (8oz)

    Our milk intake used to be around 35oz a day but since the introduction of food, we're down to about 20oz instead. I know we are supposed to fit in 2 snacks eventually but I don't know how we're going to do that! I guess when they start moving around, they make take more. HTH xx
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