Back from hospital...

... and they didnt knock him out, he slept through the 20 min scan, what a little angel I have, he didnt even flinch at the canula.. get results in 2 weeks... fingers crossed!


  • aaww bless him - what a fab lil man! xx

    Good luck for the results! xx
  • Well done him what a little super star. They always suprise you don't they? When ever I expect our lo to kick off or be grumpy he will be sweetness and light and then when I least expect it (like today out for lunch with a good mate!) he was a shocker!Fingers crossed the results are good x
  • Aw that's good. Hope results are good. S x
  • Im sure they will be, he has been so well since the initial UTI that this scan was just precautionary as they screwed up so many times (not checking when i told them my waters had gone, not testing his wee at birth- hence him having the UTI lol)

  • Ahhh what a little star! Hope everything works out ok xx
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