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Daytime nap / routine help please!

Hi all

We're having some new issues with daytime napping. T was a good daytime sleeper and I knew his routine well and it worked for us. But he has now started to go longer between bottles - 3.5-4hrs instead of 3hrs - so his naps are all out.

He shows all the signs of being tired an hour after his feed (which is what it was before, he slept the middle hour of the 3hrs), but when I put him down, he just snaps his eyes open and won't go off. He's also WAY too interested in playing with his feet which are his new toy. This morning already I've put him down twice and he's not interested even though he's showing all of his normal signs of tiredness. Rubbing eyes, whiny sounds, whiny cry, looks away when you go near him etc. when I put him down, he rolls his eyes etc. but then just doesn't doze off! His dummy is barely having any use either as he's realised he can grab it and pull it out!

I've tried all my normal ways of getting him to sleep but they're not working (cuddles, lullaby, letting him cry it out for a bit). I think he is tired, but don't think he's ready for his nap an hour after feeding as he was before.

So I wondered, for those who LOs are on 4hr ish routines, what nap times does your LO have?

Toby is nearly 5 months old.

Joo xxx


  • Hi Riley is 6months and he has his first nap about 2hrs after waking, then another 2hrs from when he wakes from his first nap and I try and make that one last a 1hr30-2hrs, then another short nap about 2hrs after he wakes from that nap. Basically I keep him awake for about 2hrs before putting him to bed but if he wakes early from the longer afternoon nap he tends to get tired quicker. x
  • Hello Mrs!

    As you know Ollie is 6 months and is also a bit of a bugger with daytime naps! Just as I think it is sorted he changes the plan! BUT we do have quite a good routine at the mo which goes as follows-

    * Wakes anytime between 7.30-8.30am and has a feed from me in bed. (It's usually nearer 7.30 in the week, as we get up with daddy)
    * Downstairs for breakfast, Ollie has weetabix/porridge and fruit and a nibble on some of our toast!
    * Play in the lounge whilst we both potter about and have a play with him for about 1/2 hr.
    * Upstairs where he watches me get dressed and ready then we get him dressed. Now he is having all daytime naps in his big cot ready for his move to the nursery THIS WEEKEND!
    * I sit in the nursing chair and he has another bf and usually goes to sleep on this feed. (of course today he is still up there chatting away!) This nap lasts 20-30 mins, and I am putting him in a 1tog sleeping bag as he was moving round and getting his legs caught in the bars! Maybe could could do this with T so he can't play with his feed?!

    Now this part of the day tends to go quite smoothly, but the rest of the day can be quite hit and miss! My main problem is getting him to sleep longer, 1/2hr-45mins is his max and he really needs more, as I can see he is still tired on waking.

  • I found at this stage that lo's sleep wasn't as routine as it had been before.

    As a general rule I think 2-2.5hrs after waking he would be ready to sleep again.

    I think at this age they start to become more aware and some days are more fun than others. Teeth can start being an issue, moving/rolling in cot can make a difference too.

    After a wee while he will find his own routine but I would use the 2hr rule as a guide. S x
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