Gaviscon for reflux & constipation (sorry if tmi!)

H Iladies!

I have not long become a mum for the first time to a prem baby (7 wks early) who appears to suffer from reflux.
My dd, Skye, has been put on to Infant Gaviscon this week under supervision from our consultant, and it has really helped with the vomiting - we have been sick-free for 3 days now, hurrah!

However...last night there was a dirty nappy but it only had a small mushroom-like poo in it. Didn't think much of it until this evening when the poor wee thing seemed to have been straining for about an hour or so and looked like a beetroot and when I checked her nappy there was a much bigger poo, this time of the same consistency as play-doh (great description from my hubby!!) There was also some blood on the nappy :\(

Currently I am waiting for the docs to call me back, but just wondered if anybody else has experienced something similar? The side effects section of the gaviscon leaflet is really unhelpful, just saying that side effects are rare :\?

She is on 4 half a dual sachet per day, and weighs about 10lb now.

Any advice much appreciated!

Iz & Skye x


  • Yes my lo's poss changed consistency totally when he was put on gaviscon and the first few days he was REALLY constipated but then it settled down again!

    Hope you get something sorted! (he was 6 weeks early too! image )
  • Thanks for your prompt replies ladies!

    The doc says to stop the Gav altogether until the poos return to normal, amd then to experiment with less dosage....all very well when it's not his carpet and sofa being thrown up on!! Think I'll half the dosage and try cooled bolied water too then. Much appreciated!

    Iz & Skye x
  • hiya posey1971

    my dd suffers with reflux also and a friend of mine suggested sma staydown milk.....its especially for babies with reflux and honestly its a mix it with cold refrigerated water and its thicker so you cant use gaviscon and it has helped no end. the doctor did prescribe gaviscon for me to use but reading the leaflet its says not to use with other food thickners. anyway once i changed her onto the staydown she became constipated and after giving her plenty of cooled boiled water and putting vasoline round her bottom she was much better.and now she has her usual feeds and gets through about 5 or 6 oz of water a day and is much more regular....i mean every day we have a motion now where as before dd could go once a week if that.
    anyway just thought id let you know about the milk as not many people seem to have heard about it.
  • I had the same problem when my LO was put on Gaviscon, really constipated and blood with it. We've tried lowering the dosage down to half a sachet each feed and she still had problems so we've had to stop it now and put up with the sick image Fed up with it, but while she's still gaining weight they won't refer her to a paed. Grrrrrrr.
  • my oldest was fine on the stuff no problem as all x
  • My lo's poo changed loads too. Went from green to very yellow and totally changed consistency. In the last few days we're coping with exploding nappies so I'm washing carpets, sofa cushions and poopy clothes constantly right now. And I'm not even sure the gaviscon is working as he still brings up some of his feed. S x
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