who gives there little ones water?

My mum thinks its really odd that my mw said that we no longer have to give babies a drink of cooled boiled water but mw said it was not necessary. Just wondered if any of you do this and if so how old is your lo and when do you offer it to them?


  • There's no need to, unless in really hot weather. I do give my lo water but I never did (unless it was hot) until he was fully weaned on 3 meals a day, now he has a drink at each meal but if he doesnt want much then I'm not too fussed as he still drinks lots of milk xxx
  • i was advised to give my lo cooled boiled water when he was 3 days old to help firstly with flushing out the jaundice and secondly if he ever becomes constipated, which he did the following week. i give him water most days, just a couple of ounces and i am VERY naughty, i have even added apple juice a couple of times, just a drop and i know you shouldnt do that, but he LOVES it and he is well! I would NEVER substitute it for food though! i just offer it when he is chilled out and awake. tbh i use it as an opportunity for a sneaky cuddle sometimes, as if i need an excuse!!!
  • My Mum was exactly the same - to a point where if I new she was visiting or we were going to her house I would make sure my lo had a bottle of water prepared if my mum thought she needed it!!

    My midwife said that bf babies do not need it because the first part of milk babies get is very watery but ff do. My lo was born mid July and she also said that she would offer it in hot weather. My hv said the same but was insistant on it not replacing a feed.

    Now i've started weaning my lo I offer it with meals in a tommee tippee beaker. Most of it ends up down her top but she enjoys holding the handles and drinking from it - although I think she's playing really and I do have to help her get it in her mouth and tip it up high enough.

    Personally, I think it's good to get lo's used to the taste of water without worrying too much about how much they have so they are used to it by the time they do need it.
  • i was told not to but i have done loads, he often has a dry mouth and he actually enjoys the water, i only give him 1oz if he needs it and i find it brings loads of wind up...they have the water in their milk so it's not gunna harm them and we're always told to make sure they get plenty of fluids! x
  • i too was told that bf babies dnt need water but i started giving grace water from a cup when i started weaning and she now loves it and can drink from a cup really well!!i give it to her with her tea as she dosent have a milk feed with that xx
  • I was told not to give water as it can fill babies up so they won't want milk. When i had my daughter 5 yrs ago tho they used to advise to encourage them to drink water - funny how things change.

    Have tried plain water, very diluted baby juice and also a special herbal tea for babies and Braedon just will not take them under any circumstances, he just gets annoyed that its not milk! v annoying when he had a bout of constipation a couple of mths ago, really wanted him to take just a bit of water but not having any of it!
  • i do give his water just because he is bf howevr he does not like it on its own so i put i teaspoon of brown sugar to it. its good he has 150 ml or more and its good if the baby is bf.
    normally if you bf the bb you dont need to, however i gues its fine because its just water and its good to introduce them to new staff.

    give him water i between feeds if he/she dont wan it then an hour before feeding its fine. the water wont take their hunger away

    good luck!!
  • I was advised by my HV when LO was a few weeks old to give him cooled boiled water as he had become constipated (but only when he needs it). He does not like this and will always just wash it round his mouth and spit it out again. Have recently tried the baby falvoured water from Boots, but he is only slightly better with the Peach and Strawberry ones. Luckily he likes his milk.
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