I have a pram dilemma!! My baby is 9 days old and went out shopping for the 1st time with her on Sat.. OMG! What a bloody nightmare!
We spent alot on our travel system (Jane Matrix) and stupidly waited til she was born before trying it in car.. DOH!! :lol:
So on Sat we realised that only the chasis fits in the boot and the top bit (carry cot/pram/car seat bit) has to go on back seat which is fine if i was using it as a car seat, but its waayyy too big and really heavy for me to carry, so hubby went and bought a maxi-cosi car seat, so now when im out, i have chasis in boot and no room for anything else, maxi cosi in back with Jaimi-Lee in it and then the pram bit on rest of back seat, grr!
So hubby said we should just leave Jane pram set up as a pram in house and use the maxi-cosi when out shopping and buy the chasis for it, much easier for shopping!
Does anyone know if we can buy just the wheels part?

Hope this makes sense lol

Sharon xx


  • Hi how are you? First congrats I've not been on much my laptop had problems been desperate to hear how you had got on!

    Whats the snow like in Tranent this morning, quite heavy down in Port Seton!

    I have a maxi-cosi its great! I have a Quinny zapp and adaptors, they can't use seat part till they are alot older but the frame is tiny and great for nipping abou the place!

    Mothercare at the Fort definately have a display model saw it the other day! Although lots of websites probably do it much cheaper! I ended selling my complete first travel system with my eldest as I hadn't tried it out and just found it too bulky!

    Take care xx
  • Im not much help, but highly recommend a maxi-cosi. I have had no problems and my lo is 9mths. Lots of people I know have these and we all have different pushchairs. So if you have to change travel systems you dont have to buy a new car seat each time.

    When you say shopping, is this for food, town or clothes shopping? you could buy a baby carrier instead less space and less money. I used this since about 2mths onwards as its easier to move in shops and also be nosey and look around (when older) or sleep. Shopping trips were never nosey after this. Only time take pushchair shopping, is if I am looking for clothes. xxx
  • Maxi Cosi is great!
    Quinny, Phil & Ted's fit the car seat. Also Maxi Cosi do something called a Mura(?) which fits the car seat.
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