runny poo conntected with teething???

hi ethan has had 4 dirty nappies yesterday and 2 so far today!

all have been runny explosive leaking out the nappy ones.

he is also teething i think casue he has bright red roasting hot cheeks and slevers all the time, very grumpy etc.

are the two related? i had heard they can get nappy rash worse when teething but do they also get runny poo??
its bad casue we have just started using reusable nappies a couple weeks ago and now they dont seem to be able to take this!!

have changed to disposables for now!


  • HI. I think that Nathans poo is effected by teething, he's always quite loose but the colour goes wierd, a bit greeny!
    Do keep your eye on it as there are a lot of bugs doing the rounds too.
    They make so much mess dont they. He did one in the highchair at nursery today and it went right up his back and in his armpits - glad they got it there!!
  • Yeah, Gabe's been doing the same and he is teething quite bad. Not sure why it happens though! x
  • Tamzin has been like this for the last 3 days. Her cheeks are so red but no high temp. She has been screaming in pain. Been giving her calpol which helps, but worried about giving it to much. She is 15+3 weeks.

    Kerry xxx
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